CycleOps Pro Indoor Cycles

It's What's Inside.

At FitnessZone we realize at the heart of every cyclist is to be better by progress, improvement, setting goals and reaching them, and by having fun along the way. We are all striving to become better athletes and our goal is to help you.

We understand that a trainer can and should be an integral part of this self-improvement journey. But it's true trainers are extremely efficient and effective, and can be used throughout the year to help you reach your fitness goals. Add in CycleOps new Virtual Trainer software and indoor training no longer needs to be viewed as an act of basement torture. We'd even go as far as saying that indoor training can now actually be fun.

Getting to your goals requires a plan, hard work and dedication. So get out and ride. Or stay indoors. Just be sure to ride. You'll be happy you did.

Whether you are riding indoors for fitness or are training to win a road race or triathlon, FitnessZone got you covered.

Call 1-800-875-9145 to speak with one of our fitness advisors with any questions you may have.

CycleOps 420 Pro Indoor Cycle

CycleOps Phantom 5 Indoor Cycle