Diamondback Recumbent Bikes

Diamondback Recumbent Bikes


Think of it as a recliner for reformed couch potatoes. Diamondback Fitness' recumbent models put you in a relaxed position for low-impact workouts that generate great results, especially in the glutes and the thighs. Ample support provided by a full-size seat ensures comfort and delivers therapeutic advantages for sufferers of chronic pain, joint injuries, chronic arthritis, stress fractures and pregnancy. The aerobic benefits of the all-new 910Sr and 510Sr Recumbent Bike models for 2013 will help persons at both ends of the fitness spectrum meet their aerobic and muscle toning goals. Each of the models is fully adjustable to dial in a perfect fit for all body sizes.

Diamondback is well known for their pedal bikes and they continue to apply this knowledge to all of their fitness products. The updated 910 Sr offers a walk-thru design with adjustable mesh-back seat, 35 programs plus a tilting console with fan, Apple compatibility and a 3 year warranty! These features help earn the Diamond Back 910 Sr our HEAD OF THE CLASS Award (Best Recumbent Bike under $1,000) for the fourth time!