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  • Exercising in the swimming pool burns a high number of calories during and after a workout.
  • Renews your energy level as it releases your stress and tension.
  • The water environment offers privacy. If you hate the idea of jumping around a room full of people in tight gym clothes, exercising under water is a great alternative.
  • Exercising in water requires you to support only 20% to 50% of your body weight, making exercises easier to perform.
  • Our specialized treadmill and bike provide increased variety, level of fitness and compliance.
  • The water’s buoyancy lowers the risks of stress-related injuries especially in joints and allows muscles to work their full range of motion. Land exercises definitely do not have that advantage.
  • The water’s resistance against your movements results in a higher workout intensity compared to land exercises, working pairs of muscles.
  • A massaging effect is created when your muscles are surrounded by water.
  • With indoor pools, it’s a great year-round activity; although in the hotter months it’s one of the best ways to get a total body workout without overheating.
  • You’ll come out of the water looking fresher and smelling nicer than many other exercise classes: no sweat, and no wet hair!