Schiek Weight Lifting Gloves-Harbinger Weight Lifting Gloves

Schiek Gloves

Schiek Gloves are washable, non-bleeding and are made of durable Amara synthetic leather. The gloves feature gel padding and our exclusive patented "easy-off" fins.

Harbinger Gloves

New, patent pending "Tri-Flex Palm™" provides 3-dimensional movement to mimic the natural motion of the hand for the best possible fitting glove. 

Ultra "Tri-Flex Palm™" integrates 3 layers of flexibility, support and cushioning for optimal comfort and ergonomic fit, minimizing excessive bulk.

Patented graduated WristWrap® with "Fit Lock™", insures a customized fit while maintaining the proper positioning of the glove, wrist and hand during lifting. 

The "Adaptive Cushioning System™" (ACS™) conforms to your palm, fingers and the apparatus you are gripping to cushion and protect as you lift. 

Individual "ACS™" pads grab and morph both to the shape of your hand and the training surface, giving you a customized and a controlled grip. 

Ergonomic curved finger design fits the natural shape of the hand increasing flexibility and comfort. 

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