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FitnessZone® is the premier fitness superstore on the Internet for Dyna-Flex Gyroballs. We carry a complete selection of Dyna-Flex products. The FitnessZone® superstore offers the largest selection of Dyna-Flex equipment to suit your fitness needs.

What is DynaFlex Gyro Ball?

DynaFlex International manufactures and distributes products for strength training, stretching, conditioning, relaxation and recovery.

Our line of Dynaflex Gyro Ball: Exercisers are Chiropractor recommended for the prevention of and recovery from stressor and repetitive stress injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and tendonistis (tennis elbow, etc). Whether you are interested in general fitness, targeted strength conditioning, injury recovery or getting the edge in a sport like golf, baseball, football, moto-cross, climbing or tennis, one of our Dyna-Flex products is right for you.

In addition to being a fun and intriguing gadget, the Dynaflex Gyro Ball Powerball also is a great way to directly experience the Gyroscopic Effect (you know - angular momentum, linear momentum, centripetal force, precession and all those neat physics properties). It's a compact little display of Newtonian physics at it's best.

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