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Pilates and yoga, often referred to as "mind-body" activities, show promising benefits which include increased flexibility, improved quality of life, relief of the symptoms of menopause, and some reduction of lower back pain. In addition, more flexibility can one to more easily perform activities of daily living such as housekeeping, gardening and shopping. A Pilates Table or Pilates Reformer is a great device that will help you improve your muscle strength. If you need help on selecting a pilates table or pilates reformer, please call us at 1-800-875-9145.

Yoga is the best and most time-tested path to physical and mental well-being known to mankind. While some people think of yoga simply as physical exercise, it is actually a complete system for overall health and well-being. It includes everything from physical postures, personal hygiene, and a healthy diet to premeditation, breathing, and relaxation techniques. The most advanced forms of meditation and self-realization are also a part of yoga.

Derived from ancient yoga asanas, the Pilates exercise system was formulated by Joseph Pilates over 80 years ago for more specific and limited purposes. Although Pilates is not a complete balanced or holistic exercise and health system, it is quite useful. Pilates focuses mainly on cultivating core strength in the body and lengthening the spine. Practiced for decades by dancers, Pilates has become popular in recent years for its largely aesthetic body sculpting effect. Pilates can be a valuable tool for enhancing strength, definition, and good posture.

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