CYBEX Recumbent Bikes

CYBEX 525R Recumbent Bikes

The 525R is built on a robotically welded frame and features a three-piece forged steel mountain bike crank for maximum durability and reliability. Onehanded seat adjustment, step-through design, easy adjust pedal straps, side grips with dual heart rate contacts, and a self-tensioning powered drive are designed to provide users of all levels with a comfortable and safe ride. For those looking to train for competitive events, the 525R offers a resistance range up to 600 Watts and a variety of training workouts.

  • Cybex FIT, an innovative iPad app that interacts directly with your equipment
  • Cybex quality, sized for your facility
  • Optional E3 View HD monitor with a 15.6” display


The Cybex 525 series bikes provide distinct and compelling ways to improve your members fitness experience, whether you choose the 525C Upright Cycle to train for a triathlon, or the 525R Recumbent Cycle as you will begin your journey to better fitness.


Cybex bikes combine contemporary design with exceptional reliability and extraordinary usability. From their stunning good looks to hidden details like its self-tensioning drive, these bikes are destined to invite users of all capabilities and will keep performing for the long run. The console is designed around ease of use with clear centralized controls and the optional wireless receiver adds seamless entertainment.


The lowest starting level and the highest resistance. For those who have never ridden a bike before and those who are preparing for the Olympics, the Cybex 525R is the perfect piece of equipment to train on. The most deconditioned user or rehab patient can use it safely because of the low power input requirement (20 Watts) and... it goes up to 900 Watts (to make a grown man cry). This is all possible because of the Cybex self-tensioning drive. Belt tension is important because a lot of belt tension is needed to create a high power training tool. But... belt tension creates drag... and drag can drive up heart rate for beginning cyclists. The answer is the Cybex self-tensioning drive.


For low maintenance. With a welded frame made from forged steel, the Cybex 525 bikes have a three-piece heavy-duty mountain bike crank that makes them durable enough for rugged mountain terrain. In a gym setting, this construction translates to low maintenance. Cybex engineers even designed the enclosures so that sweat is directed away from the bike mechanism.


CYBEX Recumbent 525R Bikes with your Choice of a Standard LED Monitor or the E3 Monitor

Take your 500 Cardio Series to the next level with Cybex FIT, an innovative iPad app that interacts directly with your equipment, transforming the console into an advanced touchscreen workout display. Users now have access to a full suite of digital features and controls that lets them personalize their workout experience.

User-Friendly Technology

Cybex 525 cardio machines make innovative use of QR codes to provide users with easy access to equipment information and workouts via a mobile device. Guests, employees, and residents can select cardio workouts that best meet their fitness goals. The optional high definition E3 View monitor offers three viewing modes on a 15.6” embedded display.







Muscle Map: For targeted Arc Trainer workouts

This innovative display gives users the power to visually target individual muscle groups and take full advantage of the near limitless settings offered by the Arc Trainer. Using an algorithm derived from EMG data that looks at resistance, incline, and stride rate, the colors transition from yellow (low intensity) to orange to red to flashing red (high intensity).

CardioTouch display offers a touch screen command so users can easily set up a workout.

Innovative Muscle Map displays the intensity of the exercise for individual muscle groups based on the users selection of stride rate, resistance and incline to aid them in precisely targeted results.

Cybex 770A Total Body Arc Trainer with E3 Monitor

Touch Screen: Command Center: CardioTouch

New CardioTouch display offers a single command center for every exercise program. Members can easily set up a workout and start exercising.

T arget Bar:  Pace motivator

The Arc Trainer’s built-in workouts automatically adjust resistance and incline to achieve a fitness goal. However, the pace is left up to the user. Because people tend to naturally slow their pace when the difficulty increases, the simple visual cue guides users to maintain their pace during the workout.

Cybex 770A Total Body Arc Trainer with E3 Monitor

Wireless Audio Receivers:

A solution for customers who have TV screens mounted on the wall. The wireless audio receiver that Cybex has developed is an entertainment option that is integrated into all cardio products. The wireless audio receiver works with new and existing 800 & 900Mhz transmitters, including CardioTheater, CardioVision, Broadcast Vision/ BVE, Enercise, and Audeon. The Cybex / MYE® Wireless Entertainment System transforms your cardio area into an extraordinary entertainment environment. Your members simply plug their headphones into the headphone jack on the Cybex equipment console and select the audio of any wall-mounted TV.

  • Integrated TV Channel Select, Volume Control and Headphone Jack on Cybex Equipment Console.
  • Backwards compatible with all major TV Transmitter brands including MYE®, Cardio Theater® and others.
  • 3 Year Warranty

iPod/iPhone Integration:  Optional technology features include iPod/IPhone connectivity (30 pin connector) on 500 Cardio Series only.

Connecting through the 30 pin connector allows for video from your device to be displayed on an E3 video console, embedded Up/Down controls to change tracks, and connectivity to the CybexFit application running on your iPhone or iPad.




Deliver the ultimate workout experience to your members. From virtual workout environments to live HD TV, on-demand content, and music videos – Cybex GO has features everyone will enjoy and an intuitive, easy-to-use touchscreen they'll appreciate.

Available in North America
  • A personalized entertainment and exercise-tracking platform
  • Intuitive, easy-to-use dual touchscreen display
  • Available on the 700 Cardio Series
  • Built-in web browser with social media access
  • E3 View Monitor provides users selectable display of exercise data, TV or video, both or none.

Cybex GO offers:

  • Live broadcast HD TV

  • On-demand TV shows

  • Preselected web videos (YouTube channel, Buzzfeed channel, and more)

  • Movie trailers

  • On-demand music videos with playlist customization

  • Virtual Active (no machine control)

  • Cardio workout tracking

  • Custom screen branding for the facility

  • Integration with the Netpulse One platform

  • Access to Netpulse mobile app* (does not connect directly to the cardio product)

*Extra monthly fee.

With hundreds of the latest and classic TV shows, movie trailers, music videos, sports and video game trailers on demand, your members will sail through their workouts with a smile on their face. Plus, to keep them entertained, they can use the touchscreen to quickly and easily create a playlist personalized with their favorite music videos.

Built-in Web Browser

All current Cybex GO customers in North America will receive an automatic update to their Cybex GO system at the beginning of 2016, free of charge. If you have any questions, please contact your Cybex sales representative.

Social Media Channels

A web browser button provides access to leading social media channels (YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter) as well as the ability to surf the internet.



Give your members the ability to train on iconic trails within pristine national parks, jog in some of the country’s most beautiful cities or ride through the exotic landscapes of the Swiss Alps, Australia or Italy. Cybex GO’s cinema-quality, first person videos will transport your members and transform their workout.

And while Virtual Active™ videos will appeal to their sense of imagination, our workout tracking feature is all about the numbers. Members can easily choose workout goals based on calories burned, duration, or distance covered using the CardioTouch™ display, which offers a single command center for exercise workout selection and equipment control.



Cybex 770AT Total Body Trainer with E3 Monitor


Cybex 770AT Total Body Trainer with E3 Monitor

 BUILT-IN WEB BROWSERCybex 770AT Total Body Trainer with E3 Monitor


Cybex 770AT Total Body Trainer with E3 Monitor



Exercise. Entertainment. Escape.

Everyone approaches exercise differently. Some want every detail of their workout, some would like to add entertainment, and others simply want to escape. The Cybex E3 View embedded monitor with three distinct viewing modes delivers the precise content that you want on a 15.6” high definition screen.

  • 15.6" high definition screen with three viewing modes.
  • Integrates with the CardioTouch (700 Series) command center eliminating the fumble for typical on-screen controls and allows the user to focus on their workout.
  • Available on 500, 600, and 700 Series Arc Trainers, treadmills, and exercise bikes.


Asset Management System

Reduce downtime. Manage equipment usage. Cybex Care, our new web-based asset management system, offers maintenance guidance, task tracking, insight into cardio machine usage, and a method for submitting and monitoring service cases.

  • Monitor and manage equipment across facilities.
  • Training tools and videos for maintenance.
  • Rotate, relocate, maintain, and clean your treadmills with the unique Service Wheel.

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