Tuli's® Gaitors® Full Length Arch Support

Tuli's® Gaitors® Full Length Arch Support

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Tuli's® Gaitors® Full Length Arch Support Description:

An ultra thin arch support that provides unrivaled comfort and protection.By extending Tuli's unique waffle heel design all the way into the "heel spur zone", Gaitors® guard against further inflammation and stress. Tuli's Gaitors provide immediate and maximum relief for plantar fasciitis (heel and arch pain) and heel spurs (painful heels). The unique design forces weight to be more evenly distributed over the foot, taking pressure of sore spots while providing shock absorption, which minimizes the effects of walking, running and standing. A full-sized metatarsal pad and complete layer of Poron® provide heel-to-toe support that provides immediate relief and against further inflammation and stress.The thin rigid arch provides support without overcrowding your shoe and can be adjusted by your medical professional for a custom fit.

Constructed with technologically advanced moisture-wicking fabric, Gaitors give you maximum protection against blisters and odors.

One Year Guarantee

Provides relief for:

    Heel Spurs
    Plantar fasciitis
    Shin Splints
    Fallen Arches
    Knee pain
    Back pain
    Hip pain

Ladies size 5-6

Mens size3-5

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