Lange Skinfold Caliper

Lange Skinfold Caliper

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Lange Skinfold Caliper Description:

The Lange Skinfold Caliper provides accurate measurement of subcutaneous tissue. The pivoted tips adjust for parallel measurement of skinfolds. The easy-to-read scale on the Lange Skinfold Caliper, and spring-loaded levers provide a substantially constant standard pressure of 10 gm./ sq. mm. over the entire operating range. Each unit is supplied with an individual case.The fact that body components vary widely in their percentage relationship to total weight is the fundamental limitation to interpreting body weight. If the real problem is obesity rather than mere overweight, overweight and fatness must be dissociated to be understood properly.The most direct,simple, and accurate method for estimating leanness-fatness is measuring the thickness of skinfolds by constant-tension calipers.

The Lange Skinfold Calipers manufactured by Beta Technology Inc., are specifically designed for the simple, accurate measurement of subcutaneous tissue.The Lange Caliper incorporates the recommended principles for standardized usage in nutrition, fat distribution, child growth, anthropomorphic studies, and other applications.Pivoted tips adjust automatically for parallel measurement of skinfolds, and rectangular faces with well-rounded edges and corners assure patient comfort.

The face area is approximately 30 square mm. An easy-to-read scale permits reading up to 60 mm. Accurate to +/- 1 mm. Spring-loaded levers provide a substantially constant standard pressure of 10 gm./sq. mm. over the entire operating range. All critical pivot points utilize low friction bearings to maintain accurate tip pressure at all jaw openings. The caliper is of sturdy, light-weight construction, and is anti-corrosive. Each unit is supplied in an individual case.

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