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CoreStretch Description:

Stretch Your Back, Shoulders, Hips, And Leg Muscles!Buy the CoreStretch from ActiveForever to help keep your back, shoulders, hips, and legs muscles loose & flexible. CoreStretch is an innovative design to better stretch your legs, shoulders, and back. Proper use elongates the spine rather than forcing your back to curve - stretching your core. CoreStretch allows you to stretch yourself back into shape as it works your ligaments, muscles and tendons in your back, as well as ones in your legs and arms that work in accordance with your back. CoreStretch is also collapsible and light weight for easy portability.

As our bodies mature and age we lose flexibility in our ligaments, muscles and tendons. With this loss we increase our possibility for injury and our athletic ability decreases. ActiveForever understands that the health of our spine is crucial to our complete body performance. Poor spinal health is one of the most common contributors to overall pain and discomfort. CoreStretch works well on: Lower & Upper Back Shoulders Lats & Lateral Scapula Advanced Lateral Shins Hip (Piriformis) Upper Glute I.T. Band Peroneal (Outer Calf & Ankle) Lateral (outside) Hamstrings Medial (inner) Calf Medial (inner) Hamstrings Groin

CoreStretch Features Three-plane swivel for up-and-down, side-to-side, and twisting motions 10 sizing options 3 levels of fitness Lightweight and collapsible Less stress on body than traditional methods

Dimensions (assembled):

  • 30" L x 16" W


  • 3 lbs

Instruction manual provided Stretching Guidelines:Stretching is more effective after warming up and also after exercise. Never bounce or jerk when stretching Hold each stretch 10-30 seconds Never stretch to the point of pain. Stretch to the point of mild tension in the muscles and then relax as you hold the stretch. Focus on breathing slowly, deeply and naturally. Proper breathing aids relaxation which enhances your stretching success.

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