Indo Board Balance Trainer Blue

Indo Board Balance Trainer Blue

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Indo Board Balance Trainer Blue Description:

The Original Indo Board:

  • 30 inch long board with 6 inch diameter roller.

  • The easiest model to learn on.

  • Fun for riders of all ages and abilities.

  • Comes with an instructional DVD

You can learn all the moves you want on this model. When you have this model wired and want to progress to the next level then consider getting one of the Pro models.

The Indo Board Story:

The Indo Board Balance Trainer is a specially shaped, oval board, balanced on a long roller. Using the Indo Board for fun or as a serious workout helps the user develop balance, coordination and increased leg strength, while enhancing, all importantly, core fitness.It also improves motor skills making the Indo Board a great cross training tool for a variety of sports, from extreme boardsports to all mainstream sports that require agility and innate balance coordination.The Indo Board can be used wherever an open 6 feet surface area is available, indoors or out (a carpeted area is recommended). The learning curve for most enthusiasts is about 5-15 minutes to master basic control of the device. For those ready to progress to a higher performance level, or for taller Indo Board enthusiasts, the larger Indo Pro model provides increased surface area on the board, thus making it a more challenging and entertaining ride.

The Indo Board History:

Surfer, Hunter Joslin, with 40 years of surfing experince, developed Indo Boards over a 30 year span, beginning with the first proto-type in 1975. Originally designed to train surfers out of water, Joslin discovered, from his growing cadre of loyal Indo Board fans, that the apparatus was much more than a surfing simulator. Users reported increased leg strength and core fitness, as well as flexibility while experiencing a high degree of entertainment when using the Indo Board. In 1998, Joslin decided to market the board commercially, developing a website, a distribution channel and taking the Indo Board to trade shows for surfing, outdoors, snowboarding, fitness and physical education.

The Indo Board Market:

The Indo Board target market is primarily surfers, snowboarders, wakeboarders, skiers, windsurfers, kitesurfers, skaters and all terrain boarding. Enthusiasts from other sports such as football, basketball, golf, tennis, hockey, soccer, volleyball, gymnastics and inline skating can benefit from training on the Indo Board as they utilize the same core muscles that provide functional reflex strength, which the Indo Board uniquely focuses on. We have found new markets for the Indo Board, which include fitness trainers, school P.E. programs, gyms and physical therapists.

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