Junior 301 Strength Training Circuit-3-in-1

Junior 301 Strength Training Circuit-3-in-1

Product Code: Junior-301-Strength-Training-Circuit-3-in-1

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Junior 301 Strength Training Circuit 3-in-1

201/301 Elementary Strength Training Circuit 3-in-1 This unit allows child to safely perform three major muscle group exercises. The first exercise is the is the Pectoral Press which is performed from a seated, upright position. The Pectoral Press works the triceps and the pectorals. The second exercise is the quadriceps deep knee bend which works the glutes and quads in one motion. The third exercise is the overhead press which works the deltoids. All exercises are performed while child is seated against a back pad with lumbar support for the entire sequence. . The quadriceps knee bend and overhead press may be done as one compound movement, if desired. Each exercise has its own adjustable resistance mechanism. Unit is fully self contained and has built in wheels for easy movement.

Elementary Model 201: Grades 2-5 Junior Model 301: Grades 5-8

Physical education is an important component for any age, but middle school students are at an in-between period where fitness can have a big impact on their physical health and overall outlook. Middle school is an awkward time of physical development and often significant changes in social relationships. Middle school sports programs give kids a chance to use some energy, boost self-esteem, get fit and develop the confidence needed to live life as a teen.

Call 1-800-875-9145 to speak with one of our fitness advisors with any questions you may have. How do we put a price on our kids overall wellnes and their future - Go to FitnessZone.com today to order the Junior 301 Strength Training Circuit-3-in-1 and let's give our kids the advantage they deserve.


Junior 301 Strength Training Circuit-3-in-1

Here are some additional benefits of fitness and exercise for middle-school-aged children:

  • Promotes Physically Active Lifestyle:

  • Develops Teamwork, Sportsmanship and Cooperation:

  • Builds Self-Esteem:

  • Promotes Academic Learning:

  • Develops Muscles and Coordination:

  • Prevents Disease: 

Want to help kids do better in school? Get them moving. That’s the message from a growing field of research, linking physical activity with better academic performance, not to mention a healthier, leaner body. Promote this to middle-school kids now, and they will practice this for the rest of their lives.

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