Airex Balance Beam

Airex Balance Beam

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Airex Balance Beam Description:

The AIREX Balance Beam Pad combines both exercise and coordination skills. Widely used for rehabilitation and sports conditioning, the Airex Balance Beam Pad challenges balance and can be laid on top of another to increase the "wobble effect." It is suitable for strengthening lower back muscles and doing lunges and squats, and can even be used as a swimming float! For rehabilitation, injury prevention, athletic conditioning and beginning balance training. Super-soft foam pad forces active recruitment of the foot's muscular system, increasing strength, stamina and mobility. Impervious to water, easy to clean and long-lasting. Airex Balance BeamLike the Balance Pad, the Balance Beam is made of "super-soft" specialty foam, providing a smooth and non-slip surface. Its destabilizing features are ideal for improving upper and lower body balance and coordination, while strengthening motor skills. There are many ways to use the Balance Beam, with exercises performed on the wide side down, or for greater instability, facing up. These simple closed cell foam pads are the best introductory balance training tools for all ages and abilities. Trusted by health and fitness professionals workdwide to safely build or restore balance.

Sanitized closed cell foam won't absorb water. Suitable for physiotherapy, rehabilitation and athletic trainingTheir destabilizing properties make them suitable for use in the restoration of motor skills in rehabilitation, preventice medicine, daily living and professional sports. Can be used for balance training, coordination and reaction training, mobility training, standing stability training and motor skill training.

Blue160 x 24 x 6 cm0.9 kg

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