Vew-Do Balance 101

Vew-Do Balance 101

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Vew-Do Balance 101 Description:

Vew-Do Balance 101 Improves your balance, agility & fitness with the latest addition to our Action Sport Trainer line.Vew-Do Balance Boards, Balance Training with a Difference.The Vew-Do Balance Board disrupts your center of balance using dynamic and multi-directional motion, forcing you to use and develop all three of your body's balance systems. Your eyes, inner ear and proprioceptors in the joints combine to maintain your balance. Over time your body is trained to recognize an unbalanced state, recovery time is reduced and overall balance is improved.Balance training provides a solid base for all activities. Tricks on a skateboard, more explosive speed or quicker change of direction can all result from the strong base provided by effective balance training.Vew-Do Balance Boards feature patented tapered hardwood "Rocks" that provide dynamic, multi-directional, multi-sport agility training. The Vew-Do "Rock" is guaranteed to be 100% round. Each Vew-Do is outfitted with a nearly indestructable high-density, polyethylene sub-deck rail system for riders who want to push the limits with ollies, kickflips and shuvits.

Vew-Do Balance Boards are a balance training device for the skateboarder, snowboarder or anyone looking to be stronger, faster or better in their sport of choice!br>

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