Pro Wobble Board Kit

Pro Wobble Board Kit

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Pro Wobble Board Kit

World's #1 Selling Balance Boards for Balance Training A set of our 3 most popular balance boards plus a stand to store them in.

a Rocker Board, 20" and 16" Wobble Boards
a stand to hold all 3 boards.

Regardless of your age or ability, daily use of a balance board or wobble board is an asset to your fitness, health and well-being. You will experience improved balance, coordination, body awareness, core strength and stability. Personal trainers and physical therapists from around the world recommend Fitterfirst balance training fitness equipment and rehabilitation aids. Everyone from professional athletes to desk jockeys to seniors can improve physical fitness and overall health by engaging in balance, agility and mobility training. Get Mobile at the Office, At work or at home, stand on a balance board while talking on the phone and you will quickly feel the effects of improved balance in your leisure activities. It takes no extra time from your day and you will quickly enjoy the benefits of stronger ankles and better balance. It's like improving your golf swing or strengthening your skiing while you work at your desk.

Balance Training for Seniors Quality of life is often equated to quality of movement. Regular use of balance boards is a great way to maintain or improve balance, to avoid injury and improve confidence in stability and movement. For most seniors, either an intermediate 20" Wobble Board or a Rocker Board is a good choice. Balance Boards for Runners & Joggers Research has proven that regular use of a balance board will dramatically enhance your strength, range of motion (R.O.M.), stability and power in the push-off cycle. Balance boards enhance stability while reducing the risk of sudden trauma or over use injuries, all thanks to improved proprioception and greater strength in muscles, tendons and ligaments. Using a balance board daily is like buying insurance against future injuries.

Our Professional Balance Boards are made from high-quality 3/4" Baltic birch and have a non-slip surface suitable for use with sports shoes or bare feet. The adjustable tri-level design offers 3 degrees of angulation. As your ability improves, just spin the patented sphere and spacer to a steeper angle for a more difficult challenge.

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