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BalaCore Bench

The patened BalaCore Bench is a rectangular shaped strength training bench with an inflatable air filled bladder.
  • The BalaCore Bench is designed with opposing ends - head and feet. The bladder platform can be removed from the steel bench without tools utilizing the hand releasable fasteners
  • The BalaCore Bench is designed to allow a user to perform strength training exercises while forcing your body to maintain balance and activate the body's core muscles due to the unstable surface.
  • The rectangular shape of the BalaCore Bench follows the length of the spine; the air filled bladder putting the spine in a neutral position - limiting pain and injury.
  • The foot end of the BalaCore Bench provides for fixed foot rests adjacent to the bladder to assist in stabilizing the body as it moves through the different stages of proficiency.
  • The BalaCore Bench creates compound benefits through its dynamic design by engaging more than one muscle group leading to accelerated muscle failure.
  • The BalaCore Bench has a full curriculum of exercises and therapies for trainers and physical therapists to assure the effectiveness of the equipment and desired results for the client.

Unlike other products on the market, the BalaCore Bench is designed to accommodate the requirements of a body during strength training with the simultaneous benefits of core muscle activation through the need to maintain balance on an unstable surface. The BalaCore Bench is truly the next evolution in fitness training.

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When you lay on the BalaCore Bench, you will notice that because of its rectangular shape it follows the full length of your spine. The air filled bladder puts your spine in a neutral position, limiting pain or injury that can occur on a flat bench or the floor. You will also notice the core is always working along with whatever body part you are isolating. As you progress in your ability to use the BalaCore Bench, your feet can move from the floor to the fixed foot rests to extending them in the air.The BalaCore Bench "shrink-wraps" your body while strengthening your core and improving your balance. Seeing the great things the BalaCore Bench is achieving with people of all ages and fitness levels is both exciting and rewarding!


“Where Balance And Core Meet”


BalaCore Bench

BalaCore Bench Exercises


Exercise - Back Row
The Back Row is a great basic move for your middle back. When you use the BalaCore Bench you will have the added benefit of working your lower back and abdominals along with the comfort of a cushioned surface for your knee.

Exercise - Back Pull
The Back Pull is for your upper back muscles to aide in your posture and strength, lowering the risk of upper back pain. While you are seated on the BalaCore Bench your lower back and glutes are working to stabilize you in a comfortable manner.


Exercise - Reverse Fly
The Reverse Fly works the small hard to reach muscles between your shoulder blades. While you are lying on the BalaCore Bench you will be working your core along with your balance.

Concentration Curl Outside Bicep Curl
Exercise - Concentration Curl
The Concentration Curl works one bicep at a time allowing you to put all your strength and effort into that one bicep. While you are seated on the BalaCore Bench your lower back and glutes are working to stabilize you in a comfortable manner.
Exercise - Outside Bicep Curl
The Outside Bicep Curl allows for a controlled range of motion for your biceps. Performing these while seated on the BalaCore Bench you will get the added benefit of sitting on an unstable surface for lower back and abdominal strength along with comfort.

Chest Press Chest Fly Push Up
BalaCore Bench
Exercise - Chest Press
The Chest Press is for the center muscles of your chest. By lying on your back on the BalaCore Bench your spine will be in neutral, your core will be engaged and you will be working on your balance all in a comfortable and challenging manner.
Exercise - Chest Fly
The Chest Fly is for the outer area muscles of your chest. You will really feel your core working while you are balancing your body on the BalaCore Bench with the added benefit of having your spine in neutral and the comfort of the cushioned base.
Exercise - Push Up
The Push Up is a great all over body exercise primarily working the whole chest. While you are balancing on the BalaCore Bench you will have an added challenge by the unstable environment along with limiting the pressure on your wrists caused by hard surfaces.

Seated Upper Crunch Crossover Crunch Plank

BalaCore Bench

Exercise - Seated Upper Crunch
The Seated Upper Crunch is a core and lower back strengthener. When you perform this move on the BalaCore Bench you will notice the cushioned surface affording you the comfort the hard surfaces do not. But, don't let the comfort fool you, your core is working overtime.

BalaCore Bench

Exercise - Crossover Crunch
The Crossover Crunch challenges your obliques along with your balance. Performing this move on the BalaCore Bench also engages your back due to the instability of the surface.

BalaCore Bench

Exercise - Plank
The Plank is a great static body and core strengthener. Performing this on the BalaCore Floor adds comfort because of the cushion but adds challenge because of the unstable surface.

Squat Elevated Lunge
Courtesy Lunge Glute Lift
       BalaCore Bench
Exercise - Squat
The Squat is a great whole leg exercise focusing on the glutes (butt) and the quads (thighs). When you perform the Squat on the BalaCore Floor you have the added benefit of core and balance integrated into this all important leg exercise. It is also important to note that when you perform the Squat on the BalaCore Floor each leg is working separate to keep you balanced. This does not happen on a hard surface the longer or stronger leg will take over for the shorter or weaker leg.
 Exercise - Elevated Lunge
The Elevated Lunge is a challenging version of the best exercise for legs, the lunge. While placing your foot upon the BalaCore Floor you have the added benefit of balance and core adding more efficiency to an already great move.
 Exercise - Courtesy Lunge
The Courtesy Lunge is a great all over leg exercise integrating the inside and outside thigh areas. While performing this move on the BalaCore Floor you have the added challenge of balance therefore engaging all of the core muscles.
 Exercise - Glute Lift
The Glute Lift primarily works the glute area. By placing yourself on the BalaCore Floor you are adding the benefit of balance and by bringing your belly button into your spine, the core. The cushioned surface also adds comfort on your knees compared to the hard surface this exercise is usually performed on.

BalaCore Bench Specs

Dimensions 50"(L) x 16"(W) x 21"(H)
Weight 80 lbs   Model#10010

BalaCore Bench Test

Observe for any damage and/or failure during and after applying a compressive load to the BalaCore Bench of 2,000 lbs, as instructed by the BalaCore instructions.

The 'BalaCore Bench' was tested to a predetermined compressive load and maintained at this load for two minutes, minimum.

The BalaCore Bench was placed onto a large aluminum plate in a manner that fully supported the BalaCore Bench from below. A large 0.75" thick wood plank was placed onto the top of the inflated bench. Then, in order to distribute the load evenly over the wood plank, a smaller metal plate was placed onto the top of the wood plank. See test photographs in the full report.

A compressive load was applied to the BalaCore Bench by allowing the crosshead of the United Test Machine to move in a downward motion, coming in contact with the top surface of the applied metal plate and wood plank fixture. The crosshead of the United Test Machine was allowed to continue moving downward at a constant rate of 1 inch per minute, the increasing compressive load, amount of downward motion, and testing time was recorded until the test was manually stopped.

The test continued until a maximum of 2,000 lbs of compressive force was observed to be applied to the BalaCore Bench. The crosshead movement was manually stopped and the BalaCore Bench was maintained under the compressive load of 2,000 lbs for a minimum of 2 minutes. The BalaCore Bench was visually observed, while under the test load, for any loss of compressive load or failure of the BalaCore Bench.

After the two minute observation period, the BalaCore Bench was removed from the compressive load and was then again visually observed for any damage caused during the test.

During the two minute hold period there was no loss of compressive load. After the two minute minimum compressive load hold period, the BalaCore Bench tested was visually examined for signs of damage.

No visually observable damage was evident during and after the two minute hold period.

BalaCore Bench

BalaCore Bench Warranty

For a period of 12 months from date of receipt, Core Bench Fitness warrants that this product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship.This warranty applies only when purchase ofthe product is from an authorized dealer. In the event the sale of the product is for a commercialuse than the warranty period is reduced to 90 days. This warranty is not transferable.

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