CycleOps Phantom 1 Indoor Cycle

CycleOps Phantom 1 Indoor Cycle

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CycleOps Phantom 1 Indoor CycleCycleOps Phantom 5 Indoor Cycle

You're dedicated to cycling. Get a bike dedicated to indoor training.

You want to get the most out of your workout — without sacrificing most of your day. And you want an indoor cycle that's easy to use, durable and as performance-focused as you are. The CycleOps Phantom 1 Indoor Cycle is what you are looking for.

The CycleOps Phantom 1 Indoor Cycle is our most affordable indoor cycle with freewheel gearing, that allows you to quickly adjust all geometries necessary for creating the perfect fit. Its precise resistance control allows for a highly effective workout while the dual bottle carries keep you hydrated for the long haul.

To get more training data out of your Phantom 1, grab our upgrade kit #7284 — the kit includes a 2.4hz heart strap monitor, speed/cadence sensor and Joule 2.0 cycling computer.

The CycleOps Phantom 1 Indoor Cycle is the next generation in indoor cycling technology and will probably be the best workout partner you can have. The CycleOps Phantom 1 is setting standards for industry and enthusiast in freewheel gearing, durability, performance-based ergonomics, and much more.

This incrediable bike truly allows you to find that perfect fit because of so many adjustable geometries. Once you’re all set you can get ready for an enjoyment and a real pleasure experience in cycling and the road-style handlebars adds to the flavor.

The primary goal behind the design of the CycleOps Phantom 1 Indoor Cycle is to mimick a real road bike as much as possible. Through four specific points of micro-adjustment users should be able to feel like they’re on their own road bikes. The freewheeling hubs lets the cyclist sit up, stop pedaling and coast. Which is a real unique feature.

Even though the Cycleops Phantom 1 has a small footprint this bike is as stable as they come. No worry about tipping over no matter how intensely they get involved with pumping those pedals. The Phantom 1 is ideal for both home settings…and cycle classes, the precise resistance with hand-dial-up control allows workouts to be personalized on the spot.

Call 1-800-875-9145 to speak with one of our advisors with any questions you may have about the CycleOps Phantom 1 Indoor Cycle. Go to today to order your CycleOps Phantom 1 Indoor Cycle and experience what the next generation in indoor cycling is all about!


This model lacks the data-gathering abilities of the Phantoms 3 and 5, but it delivers the same stability, durability, resistance mechanism, and unprecedented level of customizable fit -- all in a more economically-minded package. After all, the point is to keep spinning through winter, not to count. With the Phantom 1 in your winter arsenal, your spring and summer rivals won't stand a ghost of a chance. The Phantom's strongest selling point is the fit, which is adjustable at four points. The saddle moves fore and aft and the seatpost can be raised and lowered. The handlebars receive the same treatment: fore and aft, up and down. You can also swap your saddle and pedals from road bike to stationary cycle. It's not an exact replica of your outdoor friend, but the Phantom 3 lets you create a fit and feel that closely mimic -- if not virtually mirror your outdoor bike.

CycleOps Phantom 1 Indoor Cycle Specifications

  • Four points of micro-adjustment to duplicate the fit of your outdoor bike.
  • Freewheeling hub lets you stop pedaling and coast to recover between efforts.
  • Precise resistance control lets you dial up the difficulty level for whatever intensity you can dish out.
  • 48-pound flywheel makes the unit ride and look like an outdoor bike, while the rear-location keeps it out of the "sweat zone".
  • Steel frame and stable platform is ideal for sprinting workouts or hill climbs.
  • Dual capacity water bottle holder to keep you hydrated for the long haul.
  • Road-style handlebars allow for posture and riding positions that replicate the feel of your outdoor bike.
  • CycleOps saddle included; can be swapped out for a more customized ride.
  • Pedals not included. Compatible with standard 9/16 pedal axle.
  • To upgrade with speed and cadence sensors and a computer, purchase the Phantom 1.5 Indoor Cycle Upgrade Kit #7284.
  • Download the Phantom Fact Sheet PDF

CycleOps Phantom 1 Indoor Cycle Warranty


  • Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty


  • Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty

PowerBeam Pro and PowerSync Trainer:
  • Frame: Lifetime

  • Electronics: 1 year

Indoor Cycles:

  • Frame – 10 years

  • Component parts, electronic components, paint/appearance – 1 year

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