Health Mark Deluxe Secure Touch Walking Cane

Health Mark Deluxe Secure Touch Walking Cane

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Health Mark Deluxe Secure Touch Walking Cane

Model #WC50001

When selecting your mobility aid, why not opt for the ‘Piece of Mind’ that comes with security of owning the most technologically advanced walking cane on the market. The Health Mark Deluxe Secure Touch Walking Cane assists you in relieving stress to your knees, hips, ankles and back; but should you ever slip, fall or lose your balance, the Deluxe Secure Touch Cane will automatically alarm to inform others that you may need assistance. The patented technology designed into this incredible mobility aid activates an audible alarm when the cane falls to a 45 degree angle, and resets when the cane is returned to the upright position. The audible alarm can also be deactivated via a manual ‘On/Off’ switch. The Deluxe Secure Touch Cane also features a dual function LED light which provides both constant and flashing illumination, as well as a red warning light to signal distress. And for even greater ‘Piece of Mind’, you never have to worry about replacing batteries or running out of electrical charge. The Deluxe Secure Touch Cane has a built in ‘Handy Generator’ with a retractable crank handle for quickly and conveniently recharging all of the electrical functions while ‘On the Go’. Or simply plug your cane into your desktop or laptop computer and recharge it using a USB cable. The Deluxe Secure Touch Cane provides ‘Piece of Mind’ and is ‘Environmentally Friendly’; what more could you want from your mobility aid?

Health Mark Deluxe Secure Touch Walking Cane Uses

  • Mobility Aid
  • Reduce Stress on the Knees
  • Reduces Stress on the Ankles
  • Reduce Stress on the Hips
  • Reduce Stress on the Back
  • Feel Safer When Walking in Reduced Visibility
  • Have the piece of mind in Knowing that you can alert someone if you are in distress.
  • Have the Piece of Mind in Knowing that Others will be Automatically Alerted if you Slip, Fall or Lose your Balance.

Health Mark Deluxe Secure Touch Walking Cane Features

  • Lightweight Aluminum Alloy Cane
  • Folds in 4 Sections for Easy Storage, Portability, and Assembly
  • Height Adjusts From 33” to 39” in 7 Increments
  • Dual Function LED Light
    • 1. Steady Light to Enhance Visibility
    • 2. Flashing Light
    • 3. LED Light is Environmentally Friendly
  • Red LED Warning Light
  • Audible Alarm Signals a Fall, a Slip or Loss of Balance When the Cane Angle Falls to 45 Degrees
  • Audible Alarm Resets When the Cane Returns to a Vertical Position
  • On/Off Switch to Disable the Audible Alarm
  • No Batteries Required – ‘HANDY’ Generator with Retractable Crank Handle Allows for Manually Recharging all Electrical Functions
  • Cane Functions can also be Recharged from your Computer with the Included USB Cable
  • **ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PRODUCT** Battery Replacement and Disposal Not Required


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