Horizon Elite E9 Power Incline Elliptical with ViaFit

Horizon Elite E9 Power Incline Elliptical with ViaFit

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Horizon Elite E9 Power Incline Elliptical with ViaFit

When you are on the hunt for advanced features without a hefty price tag, the Horizon Elite E9 is a great choice. The flywheel is a weighty 30 pounds, which truly keeps things smooth and stable. With a full-color display console, you can stream workout terrains and view your progress as you exercise. The impressive ViaFit connectivity option also allows you to coordinate your mobile devices with your fitness routine, providing you with the facts and figures you need to stay accountable to your goals. The Elite E9 comes with Polar heart rate monitoring, the most popular choice for home ellipticals. Handlebar grips are not always the most accurate, making the wireless chest strap option even more inviting. The warranty on the Elite E9 is really generous, even offering two years on labor. This is almost unheard of for a machine in this price range, so you can feel confident about purchasing the elliptical that delivers results, but also promises to hang in there for the long haul.

The Horizon Elite E9 is an advanced training elliptical machine that keeps things challenging without getting boring. You will instantly recognize the signature Horizon feel of a smooth, natural ride when you step onto the E9. Also, fall in love with exotic locations via a full-color console that will get you lost in your virtual environment instead of continuously looking at the clock. The warranty on this machine is also quite generous – lifetime on frame and motor, five-years on parts and two-years on labor.

Are you ready to get serious with your Horizon Elite E9 Power Incline Elliptical fitness? Horizon’s Elite E9 combines all of the cutting edge technology commercial gym users are accustomed to, without making a machine so complex and complicated. With its forward-motion Virtual Active videos, you can sync your workout and play them directly onto the full-color console. Enjoy a power incline that will burn more calories and build muscle better than any other fitness option around.

When you want both advanced training features and truly innovative entertainment, the Elite E9 is the perfect elliptical for you. You’ll notice the smooth, fluid motion due to the heavy flywheel, and you can escape to exotic locales with the immersive, forward-motion Virtual Active videos that are synced to your workout and play right on your console.


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Horizon Elite E7 Folding Elliptical with ViaFit


Horizon Elite E9 Power Incline Elliptical with ViaFit

SixStar Frame

Burn more calories and tone more muscles with power incline. Easily maintain your posture and avoid the aches and pains due to improper form with our exclusive SixStar frame design.

44 Fitness Programs

Workout tracking calendar + 44 programs including:manual, 13 distance, 9 calorie, 4 interval, 3 performance, 10 step, 2 custom, 2 Virtual Active. Heart rate monitoring with contact grips and Polar wireless receiver.

ViaFit Connected Technology

Meet your calorie goals with ViaFit, which automatically feeds your workouts into popular tracking and fitness apps.

Passport Virtual Active

Stay in the comfort of your own home while exercising through different destinations. Passport displays on your home TV. (sold separately)


Power incline lets you decide how intense you work out and which muscle groups you engage

  • SixStar frame enhancescomfort in every workout
  • Advanced programming and entertainment features keep you engaged while you exercise
  • Heavy, balanced flywheel ensures a smooth motion
  • Power incline lets you decide how intense you work out and which muscle groups you engage
  • Virtual Active technology displays immersive, forward-motion,high-definition videos on your console and syncs themto your workout
  • Virtual Active entertainment syncs to the speed and intensity you set for that specific workout.
  • Keep track of how many calories you burn thanks to ViaFit connectivity, as well as a display screen that shows stats in real time as you are working out.
  • Full-color console with interactive capabilities
  • Great warranty – lifetime on frame, five years on parts and two years on labor
  • Polar heart rate monitoring is much more accurate than typical handlebar grip readings
  • Reasonable price range
  • Heavy flywheel for easy, smooth rides.

SixStar frame design elements:

  • 1. Overlapping pedals: During your workout your stride follows a fixed path. Having the pedals close together helps to eliminate stress on your hips and back.
  • 2. Straight body posture: Careful consideration has been given to the angle and placement of the handles so that you maintain an upright position that’s natural for your spine.
  • 3. Low step-on height: Running on an elliptical trainer is a low impact exercise. Having the pedals close to the ground makes it an excellent alternative to recumbent bikes for anyone looking for full-body rehabilitative cardio.
  • 4. Optimal handlebar spacing: The angle and distance of the moving and static handles has been designed to be the ideal distance from a range of different users heights and body types.
  • 5. Natural foot path: As well as being close together, the pedals maintain a flatter elliptical motion to mimic walking, jogging, or running.
  • 6. Smooth momentum: Horizon use a large drive-pulley ration to create a smoother stride, similar to the way the Johnson Drive System works with their treadmill motors.

Horizon Elite E9 Power Incline Elliptical with ViaFit

The Elite E9 is currently Horizon’s only elliptical machine to feature a touchscreen display, with a menu system that’s identical to the Touch+ console from Vision Fitness.

Horizon Fitness have setup their consoles slightly differently to Vision, whereby the features and entertainment options differ by elliptical. This is compared to Vision, who let you choose from a selection of consoles to suit your budget. But this is a system that’s only available with their treadmills.

Horizon’s Elite E9 and the color touchscreen gives you easy access to the Workout Tracking Calendar, workout programs, user setup (3 profiles available), and Virtual Active.

The E9 is actually the only Horizon elliptical to have Virtual Active™ integrated into the console. This is the alternative to being ‘Passport Ready’, and means you don’t have to spend $199 on the Passport Player to access the preloaded destination workouts.

Horizon Elite E9 Power Incline Elliptical with ViaFit

Horizon Elite E9 Power Incline Elliptical with ViaFit Specifications:

Compact / Folding: No
Incline: 10 Degrees
Stride Length: 20 inches
Flywheel: 30 LBS
Programs: Workout tracking calendar + 44 programs
Fan: Yes
Weight Capacity: 350 LBS
Dimensions: 75" L x 24" W x 66" H

Horizon Elite E7 Folding Elliptical with ViaFit

– Frame: Lifetime

– Parts: 5 Years

– Labor: 1 Year

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