Jointec Diamond Aqua Bike

Jointec Diamond Aqua Bike

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Jointec Diamond Aqua Bike

Archimede offers a complete range of Aquatraining equipment to accommodate the physical capabilities of all persons

Exercise in water benefits from the density of water (800 times than the air density) and the hydrostatic pressure.

This type of exercise in water may be practiced without equipment but use of specialized equipment can obtain more rapid results.

The Jointec Diamond Aqua Bike is built for professional use, Jointec's Diamond Aqua Bike allows for intense and advanced aquabiking. The Diamond can be adjusted to fit a variety of workout needs, especially since it shares many technical characteristics with the original Optima Aquabike. The bicycle is also designed with a handlebar-frame-seat to allow for a bent biking position to maximize muscular activity.

Additional features of the Diamond Aquabike:

  • Strap-on pedals hold feet in place during workout (water shoes recommended)
  • Stainless steel frame coated in thermoplastic to prevent corrosion
  • Suction cups on base hold the bike in place during use
  • Can be used in both chlorinated and saltwater pools
  • Wheels attached to front end make the Aqua Bike easy to move when not in use

What are the benefits of the Diamond Aquabike?

  • Burn up to 800 calories per hour
  • Boost your metabolism
  • Swirling water generated from pedaling massages legs and increases blood flow
  • Less stress on joints than traditional stationary biking

Jointec Diamond Aqua Bike Jointec Diamond Aqua Bike

Jointec Diamond Aquabike - Seat and

Set up sliding on horizontal bars in order to get the right position

Jointec Silver 6 Aquabike

Jointec Silver 6 Aquabike

Jointec Diamond Aquabike - Handlebar in the back

In order to practice specific dorsal and abdominal exercises
in the back of the bike

Jointec Diamond Aqua Bike Specifications

Height 4ft 7in
Width 2 ft 1in
Length 3ft 3in
Weight 40 lbs
Guarantee 3 Years
Anti corrosion protection Electropolishing and sacrificial anode
Material Marine Inox
Extra 2 Demo DVD (Aqua Master Trainers)

3 Year Warranty

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