Prism Lifting Chains 52lbs

Prism Lifting Chains 52lbs

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Prism Lifting Chains 52lbs

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Lifting Chains give users the ultimate workout by maximizing resistance at the end of the rep to match the body’s strength curve. Each link provides more resistance as it lifts off the floor. Each chain is 60-inches long and features a chrome-plated bar collar for adding to weight lifting bars.

Proper strength training will shift the force velocity curve up and to the right. In order to do this, your exercise program must include training with heavy loads and training at high velocities. Over the past ten years, a style of resistance has been developed that simultaneously improves both aspects of training. This is known as accommodating resistance and it's typically done by using bands and lifting chains. To truly understand the benefits of training with chains, it’s important to understand strength curves and what exercises fit into each category.

The effect of lifting chains works due to the concept of accommodating resistance. Accommodating resistance means that the load on the bar accommodates the varying strengths of your body throughout the entire range of motion rather than at a certain point. Again, let’s look at the back squat. Based on differences in joint angles, you can squat a lot more in a quarter squat than you can in a full squat.

When all is said and done, accommodating resistance, which is accomplished by training with bands and chains, has the ability to take your training to the next level. The benefits of lifting with bands and chains are most effectively realized during exercises that have an ascending strength curve, meaning exercises that require a large amount of force to be produced during extension.

Applying chains to exercises that have a descending strength curve will apply a greater amount of instability to the bar, which has its own benefits separate from the topic of this article. However, this doesn't fit the accommodating strength model. Applying chains or bands to exercises that fit into the descending strength curve category wouldn't provide the same benefits.

Three weights available: 25, 30, and 52 lbs. (Chains are sold in pairs.)

25lbs (Set of 2), 1/2"
30lbs (Set of 2), 5/8"
52lbs (Set of 2), 3/4"

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