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SciFit AC5000M Medical Commercial Treadmill

SciFit AC5000M Medical Commercial Treadmill

Product Code: scifit-ac5000m-medial-commercial-teadmill

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SciFit AC5000M Medical Commercial Treadmill

Model# AC5000M-INT


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In addition to its low starting speed of .1 mph, the AC5000M Medical Treadmill increases your options with reverse motion up to 4 mph and a -3% decline for downhill training.

  • Low starting speed of .1 mph, adjustable in .1 increments
  • Extended handrails
  • 550 lb user capacity
  • Maintenance-free, shock absorbing deck
  • Side handrail switches for speed and elevation
  • Speed range: .1 to 12 mph, reverse to 4 mph
  • Elevation: -3% to 12%
  • Generous walking surface – 22" x 62"
  • Hospital grade treadmill: complies with current leakage protection standards
  • Certifications: UL1647, CAN/CSA-C22.2 No 68-92, EN60335

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Physical Therapy / Medical Rehabilitation

Cardiac & Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Bariatric & Weight Loss Programs

Active Aging

Schools (Elementary – College)

Uniformed Services (Military / Police / Fire)

Corporate Fitness

Specialty Fitness

Sports Performance

Special Needs

SciFit AC5000M Medical Commercial Treadmill SciFit AC5000M Medical Commercial Treadmill SciFit AC5000M Medical Commercial Treadmill


Intelli-Fit is not just a new console for SCIFIT products, it also supplies programs, tests, and training protocols that provide the medical accuracy of watts. The user can see the effectiveness of the workout and expect consistent results. It looks great on the outside, but it’s the science inside that makes a difference.

  *This program not available on Latitude Stability Trainer

*This program not available on Latitude Stability Trainer


One of the things that sets Intelli-Fit apart is the ability to demonstrate improvement:
Small increments in time and resistance are just two of the ways to see immediate improvement and stay motivated.

  • Intelli-Fit is the most comprehensive system for experiencing even the smallest improvements – down to .1 increments across a broad range of metrics.
  • Record results to any USB memory stick (no software required) to track results and see improvement over time.
  • Integrated assessment programs set a baseline and demonstrate progress.
  • Specially designed programs to help improve individual scores on heart and power assessments.
  • Cardiovascular Fitness – This is measured by heart rate recovery. Intelli-Fit takes the end user through a test, and then provides a score in beats per minute. Users can follow the built-in protocol to improve this score.
  • Power – Intelli-Fit takes the end user through a test, and then provides a score based on watts. Users can follow the built-in protocol to improve this score.

Unique Features

Intelli-Fit’s basic programs get people moving. Whatever your functionality or fitness level, Intelli-Fit uses the unique features of SCIFIT equipment, like bi-directional resistance, accessibility, adjustability, Iso-Strength, Constant Work, and more to provide simple, easy to use programs for any goal. Intelli-Fit precisely combines the unique features of SCIFIT equipment with the detailed, custom programs that only SCIFIT can offer.

Measure – Record – Document

Intelli-Fit lets you measure, record & document results to track progress and give motivation and purpose. The medical accuracy and consistency of our products means that when you perform an assessment, you can see true results and improvement over time.

Testing & Training

Heart-Fit and Power-Fit testing and training protocols are designed by world renowned exercise specialist Paul Robbins, Metabolic Specialist with Athletes’ Performance. These programs measure and help improve heart rate recovery, power, and endurance. Heart-Fit and Power-Fit provide the ability to do benchmark assessments, to follow with the built-in training, and then test again to show improvement. Intelli-Fit’s medical accuracy provides consistent exercise conditions for repeatable assessments and measurement of true results.


The new Intelli-Fit console includes the following programs:

  • Quick-Start
  • Manual
  • Heart Rate
  • Iso-Strength
  • Constant Work
  • Random
  • Hill Profiles (6)
  • Stress Test

Plus 6 New Programs

SciFit ISO1000R Recumbent Bike Premium
Fit-Quik  – Our exclusive Fit-Quik program is built-in to the Intelli-Fit console and offers a fast but highly effective interval training experience with changes of intensity that keep you focused. The workout moves quickly, keeping motivation high as you increase your overall endurance, muscular strength and cardiovascular condition.

SciFit ISO1000R Recumbent Bike Premium
Power Burst  – a program within a program – Power Burst requires shorts bursts of power and strength using isokinetic resistance.

 SciFit ISO1000R Recumbent Bike Premium
Heart Fit Test – this is a measurement tool for cardiovascular fitness that measures heart rate recovery. Using five 30-second sprints (30 seconds of work/30 seconds of recovery), it measures how quickly your heart rate recovers after each sprint. After completing 4-6 weeks of Heart Fit Training (see below), the Heart-Fit test can be repeated to measure improvement.

SciFit ISO1000R Recumbent Bike Premium
Heart Fit Training – designed to improve heart rate recovery, it uses interval training and the Constant Work setting to progressively train for improved cardiovascular fitness.

SciFit ISO1000R Recumbent Bike Premium
Power Fit Test – used to set a benchmark for power, strength and endurance. It measures power output over a series of 30-second sprints (30 seconds of work/30 seconds of recovery). After completing 4-6 weeks of Power-Fit Training (see below), the Power Fit test can be repeated to measure improvement.

SciFit ISO1000R Recumbent Bike Premium
Power Fit Training – this follows the Power-Fit test and is a program designed to improve power, strength and endurance using interval training and the Iso-Strength and Constant Work settings.


SciFit AC5000 Commercial Treadmill Optional Enhancements

Fit-Key software: Optional Fit-Key software makes it easy to create specialized programs and track data

Entertainment options: Yes

Fit-Key Compatible

Fit-Key compatibility lets you create and prescribe custom programs and document results. Optional Fit-Key 5.0 software makes it easy to create and prescribe specialized exercise programs and track compliance and improvement via the software.


Fit-Key software is a comprehensive and intuitive tool for prescribing and documenting exercise protocols. This simple, 3-tiered program puts all of SCIFIT’s exclusive features and medical accuracy to work for you and allows you and your clients to easily track progress and improvement.

Fit-Key is an easy to use program that allows you to prescribe exercise using the unique features of SCIFIT products.

Fit-Key makes it easy to:

  • Create customized workouts
  • Guide clients and prescribe exercise programs
  • Collect data, document results and provide reports
  • Motivate clients and show improvement

Available only in the US and Canada.


Fit-Key lets you create and use customized workouts on any SCIFIT product – and track progress over time. With plug-in-and-go convenience, helpful prompts and precise documentation of wattage, heart rate and other metrics, it’s easy to monitor and motivate for measurable improvement.


Fit-Key makes it easy to prescribe specialized exercise programs and track compliance and improvement. Want to prescribe a multi-product, cardio and strength workout? It’s no problem with Fit-Key.

A Perfect Fit

Physical Therapy, Rehabilitation, Cardiac Rehab, Medical Exercise Therapy, Active Aging, Wellness, Schools, Niche Fitness, Uniformed Services, Corporate Fitness – no matter the category,  Intelli-Fit has the tools you want and need, and the programs and features your patients and clients will use.

SciFit Rex 70001 Premium INTELLI-FIT CONSOLE:

7” LCD full color touch screen display: Touch screen with clear, simple screens and large, readable font.

Audible beep: YesSciFit AC5000 Commercial Treadmill

Tactile buttons: Tactile buttons in addition to touch screen

Resistance levels: 191 levels of resistance - 20 levels adjustable in .1 increments

Display feedback: Time, level, distance, METs, heart rate, calories, RPM, watts

One touch quick start: Yes

Control METs - Constant Work Program: Set constant METs level and the workload remains constant throughout the program.

Iso-Strength Program: Isokinetic program for safe, accommodating resistance

Power Burst: 8-second burst of high intensity training

Cool down: Automatic cool down begins after each exercise is completed

Administrative mode: User defined settings, metric or US units of measure and other custom settings

User-defined console languages: 9 languages - English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Dutch

Download results to USB flash drive: Plug USB flash drive into the Fit-Key slot to save workout results in a .txt file

CSAFE port and 8-volt DC power port: Yes

USB charger: For phones and other electronic devices

SciFit AC5000M Medical Commercial Treadmill Features

Low starting speed:  0.1 mph

Speed range:  0.1 mph to 12 mph adjustable in .1 increments

Elevation range:  0% - 15% adjustable in .5 increments

Speed & elevation adjustments:  Side handrail switches

Multiple emergency stop:  Safety clip, stop button by the console, and stop button on the touch screen provided added safety

Easy to transport:  Integrated transport wheels

Extended handrails, included: Provides extra support, safety and comfort for entering, exiting and during use

Heart rate monitoring:  Contact and telemetric (chest strap required)

SciFit AC5000M Medical Commercial Treadmill Belt, Deck and Drive System

Generous walking surface:  22” x 62”

Continuous 2-ply carbon fiber weave belt:  Helps dissipate static electricity

Polyester synthetic belt backing:  Provides a long lasting surface

Thermo form welded belt splices:  Thermo form welded at specific angles to run smooth and quiet

High tensile strength rating belt:  Overlapping finger splice design to provide the ultimate in tensile/tear strength

Eucalyptus hardwood deck:  1” deck is strong and durable

Maintenance-free deck:  No waxing or lubrication is required

Reversible deck:  Extends the life of the deck

Multiple zone cushioning system:  6 independent bumpers provide superior shock absorption

3” crowned front and rear rollers:  Helps maintain belt alignment and increase the life of the belt

3HP AC motor:  Maintenance-free motor with variable frequency torque vector drive system

Power Factor Correction System:  Reduces power consumption by 25%

SciFit AC5000M Medical Commercial Treadmill Specifications

Current Leakage Protection Standards:  Conforms to safety requirements of Standard IEC60601-1:2005 and NFPA-99

Certifications:  UL1647; CAN/CSA-C22.2 No 68-92; EN60601; EN957-6; ISO 9001:2008; ISO 13485:2003/2012; NFPA-99

Power Requirements:  110v standard; dedicated 15 amp circuit, grounded (220v optional)

Maximum user weight capacity:  550 lbs.

Unit weight:  458 lbs.

Unit size:  83” L x 34” W x 63” H

Color:  Frame: Charcoal Cover: Black & Charcoal



Safety Step: 6” high step with non-slip safety strips and anti-tip design for easy entry and exit

Polar Chest Strap: Transmits heart rate directly to console - works on all SCIFIT products

SciFit AC5000 Commercial Treadmill


SciFit AC5000M Medical Commercial Treadmill Warranty:

Parts: 3 years

Labor: 1 year

Frame & Drive System: 5 years

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