Internet Authorized Retailer

Authorized Internet Retailer
Did you know that is an Authorized Internet Retailer for every brand that we sell?
Why should you purchase from an Authorized Internet Retailer?

1. You can count on your equipment's warranty being honored.
Some manufacturers will only honor a request for service under warranty if the item was purchased from an Authorized Retailer. You may be asked to show proof of purchase in the form of a dated invoice from an Authorized Retailer.

2. You can be sure your equipment was intended to be sold in the US market and is not a "gray market" unit.
Gray market units may look the same as those intended to be sold in the US, but they may not meet the same performance specifications. They're not likely to be UL listed, so they may be unsafe. They may lack all or some of the accessories provided with US models. They may be difficult or even impossible to repair.

3. You benefit because many manufacturers provide Authorized Retailers with thorough, ongoing training.
Manufacturers make sure Authorized Retailers learn how to set up and use their products. And they typically inform their Authorized Retailers about any product recalls or modifications. You can count on an Authorized Retailer to pass any important information they receive on to you.