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The KidsFit exercise equipment is used by:

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  • Children's Health and Executive Clubs Franchisees 
  • Physical Therapy Facilities 
  • School Districts and Private Schools 
  • Youth Fitness Training Facilities 
  • Special Needs Facilities 
  • Hospitals 
  • Health Clubs 
  • Wellness Caters

PHYSICALLY FIT KIDS DO BETTER IN SCHOOLKidsfit SS101 Super Small Fully Recumbent Bike

A new study in the Journal of School Health found that physically fit kids scored better on standardized math and English tests than their less fit peers.

 Researchers examined the relationship between physical fitness and academic achievement "in a racially and economically diverse urban public school district of children enrolled in 4th through 8th grade."

The results showed that the odds of passing both math and english standardized tests dramatically increased as the number of fitness tests that were passed increased, even when controlling for gender, ethnicity and socio-economic status.

“For families and schools, these results suggest investments of time and resources in physical activity and fitness training may not detract from academic achievement in core subjects, and, may even be beneficial."

KidsFit Cardio Kids 677 Deluxe Skier JuniorExercise in the Classroom
Recently a teacher in Canada decided to test what effect exercise had on her students and found some amazing results. The teacher added two weekly bouts of exercise that were 20 minutes each and conducted them while still teaching her regular subjects like language arts and mathematics. At the end of the four-week trial, the teacher found that every single student went up a full letter grade in reading and math; some of her kids even went from F’s in vocabulary to A’s. This was similar to the findings of the study done by Georgia Health Sciences University.