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At FitnessZone we believe in taking a balanced lifestyle approach to exercise, activity, and nutrition. We help educate our customers to empower them. We endeavor to help our clients understand the 'why' behind their choices, and break down as many barriers to success as possible. We've found that by helping our customer they are more successful at creating lasting lifestyles that will continue well beyond short-term goal!

Over 20 of the best and most effective classic strength training exercises built into our leverage gyms work every muscle group to its maximum providing precise function.

The Leverage Advantage:
The Lever Arm drives the exercises. Weight plates are loaded directly onto the lever which simply replaces the barbell thus providing the natural feel and resistance of free weight with the safety and control of a machine.

Power Lifting Access:
The Leverage Gym incorporates a lock and load removable bench section opening up the lever area for power exercises such as squats, shrugs and rows. The bench has wheels for easy in and out access and includes handlebars for gripping during leg exercises.

Powertec is dedicated to making exercise a compelling experience, so that people want to make health and fitness a lifelong commitment. Through a combination of user-friendly, innovative products and education, Powertec continues to change the way in which exercise and fitness influences peoples lives, from the beginner to the professional athlete.






Powertec Workbench Multi System WB-MS16 BB (Full Matted Black Finish)


Powertec Workbench Multi System WB-MS16 YY (Full Matted Yellow Finish)


Powertec Accessory Adaptor (WB-MS10-AA)

Powertec Workbench Multi System 

Powertec Workbench Multi System WB-MS16 YY (Full Matted Yellow Finish)

Powertec Workbench Levergym 

Powertec Workbench Levergym (WB-LS16) Yellow

Powertec Accessory Adaptor (WB-MS10-AA)

Powertec Olympic Bench 

Powertec Utility Bench 

All Workbench benches incorporate a patented linkage mechanism that allows for the bench section to pivot from the front to the rear locked position with ease for the purpose of the shoulder press exercise and to provide front stability support for all Workbench Machine Accessories. In addition the rear position is used to save space when not in use.

Powertec Workbench Utility Bench WB-UB16


Powertec Workbench Half Rack

Adjustability, Customization, Variability and Personalization are a few words that describes the experience of using the Powertec Workbench Half Rack WB-HR13. Take you workout to a higher level to achieve a stronger and more physically fit body.


Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist 

Swivel chin up bar In addition to the horizontal and neutral grips, the chin up section also includes a swivel straight bar that allows for close grip access to train the biceps.

Powertec Levergym-Chin/Dip Assist (L-CDA+13)

Powertec Pec Fly Accessory

Powertec Leg Lift Accessory 

Powertec Curl Machine Accessory 

Powertec Workbench Multi Press w/Isolatoral Arm 

Easy in and out access: All Workbench machine Accessories are quality built and relatively lightweight for quick and easy in and out access. Some accessories even incorporate a handle for gripping when moving the accessory. A knob lock pin tightens the accessory during exercise.

Store your Accessories: The Workbench Accessory Storage Rack WB-ASR10 allows you to store your Machine Accessory when it is not in use saving valuable floor space and keeping your gym neat and organized.





Powertec  Lat Machine 

Powertec Lat Machine P-LM16


Powertec  Leg Press 

Powertec Leg Press P-LP16

Powertec Leg Press P-LP16

Powertec Levergym Squat Calf 

Powertec Levergym Squat Calf L-SC10 The Leverage Advantage:
The lever arm drives the exercise. Weight plates are loaded directly onto the lever arm which simply replaces the barbell thus providing the natural feel and resistance of free weight with the safety and control of a machine.

Powertec Levergym Squat Calf L-SC10 The Perfect Motion:
By setting the foot plate at the correct angle and properly positioning the weight plate load, all stress and pressure is taken off the back and knees. The resistance is focused totally on the thighs to drive the motion.

Powertec Levergym Squat Calf L-SC10 Start/Stop handle:
An innovative slide handle bar is incorporated that allows the user to start and stop the exercise in the top position. There is also a fixed safety stop position built in.


Powertec Levergym Squat Calf (L-SC13)

Powertec Compact Leg Sled 

Precise motion:
The sled is driven by nylon bearing wheels that provide an ultra smooth and quiet ride. The carriage holds 8 wheels that hug the solid steel guide rods preventing lateral movement and providing a precise motion from top to bottom.
The seat and adjustable back pad along with the adjustable angle foot plate and hand grips lock the user into and perfect position to perform the exercise.
The design of the carriage and seat section allow for a leg sled that is significantly more compact than any other in it's class. A foot tube is also included to provide calf raises.



Powertec Functional Trainer 

The Powertec Functional Trainer has been designed from the outset to offer both ease of use and pro-standard workouts. It comes with a no-cable change system, so it's easy to use, even if you're a complete novice, and it means there's no downtime during your workout, which is just what you want when you're a more experienced weight trainer.

The compact design is also a big plus with the Functional Trainer from Powertec. And, other features that make this trainer stand out from the rest are adjustable ball bearing reinforced pulleys that come with 17 positions. The dual independent pulleys ensure the best available isolateral workout.

Powertec Functional Trainer WB-FT11-S

Powertec Functional Trainer WB-FT11-S

When used in conjunction with the optional Utility Bench you have a complete home gym, With the bench attachments you can exercise exercise every single major muscle group in your body. The range of exercises is almost inexhaustible. There's no better what to attain the shape you want than by using the Powertec WB-FT11-S Functional Trainer.

FitnessZone is proud to carry a large selection of Powertec fitness equipment, home gyms, leverage equipment, power racks, functional trainers and fitness accessories. Call 1-800-875-9145 and let one of our fitness advisors help you choose the right piece of equipment that will help you achieve a rapid path to good health, physical fitness and the body you really want. Order your Powertec from FitnessZone.com today! and get in the best shape of your life.


All Powertec frame structures are mig welded and consist primarily of 2 - 4" square and rectangular tubing with a wall thickness of 2.5 mm or 12 gauge. All of our steel materials are of the highest-level grade available.

Steel frames are thoroughly cleaned and treated. They are then painted and baked in a hard, durable powder coat finish. Powertec is one of the only consumer companies to offer multiple colors in some select models.

Parts such as aircraft cable, ball bearing reinforced pulleys, side mounted and linear bearings, nylon precision bushings, and spring loaded pins are all industrial grade to ensure a smooth and quiet operation. PVC scratch guards are located on all weight horns to protect the product from scratching.

Pads are constructed of thick, high-density foam surrounded by top grade upholstery for a firm, contoured feel. Powertec is also the only company to provide all roller pads with an upholstered finish, which are secured with an aluminum end cap.

HARDWARE: Hardware components such as 1/2" nuts, bolts, washers and knobs are all high tensile strength to withstand heavy usage and stress.

Each part is individually wrapped and protected inside an extra strength layer corrugated box designed to minimize damage during shipping. Each product includes an owners manual detailing assembly procedures.

Weight capacities are tested to a recommended safe range based on maximum load usage.

• Lifetime on frames (excluding paint finish)
• 2 years on component parts (bearings, spring pins)
• 1 year on pads, grips and unspecified parts.

Powertec Fitness-Powertec Strength-Powertec Systems

FitnessZone® is the premier fitness superstore on the Internet for Powertec Fitness. We carry the complete line of Powertec products. Powertec continues to be an Industry leader in product design and innovation. The company entered the marketplace in 1998 with the first line of plate loaded leverage machines for the home and have expanded into even the highest level of commercial applications. Leverage equipment is simply the fastest and most effective way to strengthen and develop your body. Leverage machines combine the true feel and results of free weight with the control and safety of a machine providing the perfect strength training combination. Some of Powertec's equipment such as the Powertec Workbench MultiSystem and Powertec Leverage Gym in the highly popular hot yellow color have become two of the best selling and award winning gyms in the world! The biggest challenge has been building them fast enough to meet the ever growing demand. Powertec Fitness has several machines that are complimented by their classic assortment of high quality parts. All Powertec Fitness Equipment is covered with a LifeTime Warranty!!

Powertec is the pioneer and leader in the area of strength equipment.  Since 1997, we have increased our global presence with operations in the United States, Europe and Asia while committed to our mission. Headquartered in southern California, we produce a full line of strength equipment for home and light commercial purposes.  Our brand is highly sought after by the educated buyer looking for weight capacity maximization without sacrificing safety, customization of their Workbench home gyms through extensive accessory modularization, and commercial gym quality at home gym prices.

FitnessZone® will be able to assist you in selecting the Powertec Fitness Equipment which will help you obtain your fitness goals while meeting your budget or space requirements. We have service technicians on call 7 days a week throughout the World for our customer’s service needs. Order your Powertec Fitness Equipment today at FitnessZone®.Com and exercise your way to better Health!

The Powertec LeverGym Advantage:
Lever Arms drive the exercises. Weight plates are loaded directly onto thelever which simply replaces the barbell thus providing the natural feel andresistance of free weight with the safety and control of a machine.

Powertec is Virtually Maintenance Free:
The Powertec Workbench Multi System has no cables or pulleys. All exercises incorporate bearing driven lever arms to provide a smooth and quiet operation.

Build Your Powertec Workbench Accessories:
An access tube and knob lock pin have been incorporated into the Powertec Multi System providing the new “Workbench Machine Accessories” to be added to your powertec gym.

Confused About Powertec Equipment?

Let the FitnessZone® sales staff help you navigate through the various models of Powertec Fitness Equipment. Our expertly trained staff can assist you in selecting the Powertec Fitness Equipment that will custom fit your needs as well as your budget! Call us ANYTIME at 1-800-875-9145.


Powertec Olympic Bench WB-OB15 Your Powertec Superstore Powertec Olympic Bench WB-OB15