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The durable construction and intelligent features available on all Vision Products deliver superior results.Vision T80 Touch Commercial Treadmill

In 1996, Vision Fitness was spun off by the Trek Fitness management team to better focus on the specialized fitness industry. The company was renamed Vision Fitness because we believe everyone who begins a fitness program has a vision of how they want to look, live or feel. The Vision Fitness focus on selling high-quality bikes with Trek’s revolutionary magnetic resistance system won numerous awards, making our bikes easily the most decorated products in the industry. It also set the foundation for us to continue developing innovative products for the fitness industry.

By 1999 Vision Fitness was known as one of the top fitness equipment companies in the world. In 2001, Vision Fitness moved its operations to a newly constructed facility in Lake Mills, Wisconsin, to better accommodate its growing number of employees. In 2008, Vision Fitness shifted from being a single company to join the Johnson Health Tech family of brands, along with other award-winning fitness brands Matrix Fitness, Horizon Fitness, LIVESTRONG Fitness and AFG. Operations moved to Cottage Grove, Wisconsin, where Vision Fitness remains today.

Vision T80 Touch Commercial Treadmill


The 20-minute Sprint 8 workout program, found exclusively on Vision Fitness® cardio products, has been medically proven to boost energy, reduce body fat, promote lean muscle mass, improve your cholesterol and increase bone density through the natural release of exercise-induced growth hormone.

Enter your age and weight, choose your level of intensity and press “Start.” The Sprint 8 program will change speed and elevation automatically as you move through the sprints and recovery intervals. All you have to do is push a button for the best anaerobic workout available!

Vision T80 Touch Commercial Treadmill
If you are over 30, you are likely experiencing somatopause. Somatopause is the medical term for the weight gain, loss of muscle, energy decline and wrinkled skin you experience when you hit middle age. To combat somatopause, medical researchers say people must incorporate anaerobic exercise into their weekly fitness routine. Anaerobic exercise programs, such as Sprint 8, help you release your natural human growth hormone.


What if you could run through the American Southwest or Northern Italy, any time you stepped on your treadmill? Or cycle through an alpine meadow without leaving your living room? With the revolutionary new Passport system, you can. Featuring Virtual Active technology, Passport offers an escape unlike any other.

Vision Fitness Classic, Elegant, and Touch consoles for treadmills, ellipticals, and exercise bikes are compatible with the Passport system (sold separately).




Run or walk through your destination as dynamic, high definition video content is displayed on your television. The experience is further brought to life as you feel gradual terrain changes under your feet as you go up and down hills or stairs; and as you hear the ambient sounds of your destination through your speakers or headphones.

Passport comes pre-loaded with two destination choices: Northern Italy and American Southwest. Additional destinations are available at

Speed Interactive

As you speed up or slow down, so will the rate at which your video is displayed.

Terrain Interactive

Feel the incline or resistance change under your feet to match the terrain of your destination.

Vision Fitness Equipment

Fitness equipment for your healthy lifestyle. Vision Fitness creates award winning fitness equipment including treadmills, elliptical trainers, and fitness bikes.

Vision has configured their home and commercial frames so that they will work with any of our consoles. Simply choose the console that fits your needs and match it with the frame that offers what you want. Not only do you get a high-quality, award-winning piece of equipment at an exceptional price, but you get the perfect fitness product for you!