Junior Kids Equipment (Ages 10-15)

KidsFit Cardio Kids 677 Deluxe Skier Junior


Did you know that junior high school kids are at severe risk for low levels of activity and high rates of sedentary behaviours?

It’s true!  Here are some of the facts which explain the low levels of physical activity:

  • After the age of 10, the involvement level of adolescents in organized sport takes a steep dive;
  • In the teen years, the number of minutes of physical activity per day drops; and
  • Teens get an average of six hours of screen time per day, outside of school hours.

Translation? This is NOT GOOD!

What can schools do to help? One positive approach they can take is to provide opportunities for meaningful physical activity throughout the day.

Offer some activity ideas within two categories; Cardio and Strength - This is where our KidsFit Cardio Kids Fitness Equipment plays a vital role in our children's lives.

Strength training for kids? You bet! Done properly, strength training offers many bonuses to young athletes. Strength training is even a good idea for kids who simply want to look and feel better. In fact, strength training can put your child on a lifetime path to better health and fitness.

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The KidsFit exercise equipment is used by:

  • YMCA's
  • Children's Health and Executive Clubs Franchisees 
  • Physical Therapy Facilities 
  • School Districts and Private Schools 
  • Youth Fitness Training Facilities 
  • Special Needs Facilities 
  • Hospitals 
  • Health Clubs 
  • Wellness Caters

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Here are some additional benefits of fitness and exercise for high-school-aged children:

  • Promotes Physically Active Lifestyle:

  • Develops Teamwork, Sportsmanship and Cooperation:

  • Builds Self-Esteem:

  • Promotes Academic Learning:

  • Develops Muscles and Coordination:

  • Prevents Disease: 

Want to help kids do better in school? Get them moving. That’s the message from a growing field of research, linking physical activity with better academic performance, not to mention a healthier, leaner body. Promote this to middle-school kids now, and they will practice this for the rest of their lives.

Exercise Stimulates Brain Cell Development
Exercise Improves Memory Retention

Exercise Increases Focus and Concentration

Exercise Boosts Mood

Exercise Relieves Stress