KidsFit Varsity One 703 Elliptical Trainer

KidsFit Varsity One 703 Elliptical Trainer

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KidsFit Varsity One 703 Elliptical Trainer  

Our Varsity One elliptical trainer works the entire body and has been carefully designed for high school age students and older. Motivational easy to use electronics include calories, heart rate, speed, time and distance. The fitness test monitors improvement in the user’s physical condition over time. The higher resistance levels allow for more demanding workouts but still offer extremely low starting resistance levels for deconditioned users. . Manufactured with maintenance free sealed bearings. Comes with a portable wheel system to allow for easy storage. This unit is super smooth and quiet!

(L=72” W=30” HT=58”)

Shipping 385lbs+40lb pallet=425lbs

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Benefits of Exercise

Exercising has many benefits, such as mental clarity, energy to do more, endurance, healthier living, as well as an extended life expectation. It is proven that exercise and really fit kids do better academically.(Study Supports Physical Fit Kids Perform Better Academically, 2008)

Mental Clarity
Mental clarity can be accomplished by doing three easy things:
1. Go to bed early
2. Maintain healthy blood sugar levels
3. Exercise

Student-athletes entering into a varsity sport that consists of daily or weekly exercise, they are also helping their education by creating clarity.

Energy to Do More
When exercising, one’s body "delivers oxygen and nutrients to body tissues, which improves the cardiovascular system of the body. This benefits the body in many ways but the more regular that one exercises, the greater it will increase the benefits. Regular exercise helps the circulation of blood through your heart and blood vessels which will provide one with more energy to do daily activities (Benefits of Exercise, 2008)."The excess energy from these daily activities can be used for studying or doing homework. This increase in energy will allow more focus and concentration to be done on school work after a long day of school and practice from a varsity sport.

Kidsfit Cardio packages are ready to use upon unpacking the box! All equipment comes fully assembled and includes aerobic charts, muscle posters and station cards which help teach the movement and highlight the muscle groups being worked.

Obviously, finding ways to increase children’s daily and weekly exercise opportunities should become a priority for parents, teachers and pediatricians. Recently, much has been done in schools to create infrastructures that promote healthy physical activity patterns, increasing children’s level of exercise, but not a lot has been done to influence fitness outside of school.

The value of physical fitness can never be overstated, and exercise is one of the only pure things in life where middle school kids can learn the value of taking care of themselves, and be motivated to take care of their bodies and eat nutritionally for the rest of their lives.

Call 1-800-875-9145 to speak with one of our fitness advisors with any questions you may have. How do we put a price on our kids overall wellnes and their future - Go to today to order the Varsity One 703 Elliptical Trainer and let's give our kids the advantage they deserve.


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