Vision Chin/Dip Assist

Vision Chin/Dip Assist

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Vision Chin/Dip Assist 



Now the people you serve can strengthen their triceps, shoulders and pecs with a space-efficient, selectorized chin / dip assist dual station that’s tougher than you can imagine and more comfortable than you’d expect. It’s been tested to withstand over a million reps, more than four times the industry standard, and an easily adjustable ergonomic design makes it comfortable for virtually anyone to sit down and start enhancing their triceps, shoulders and pecs.


Make A Strong Selection

Our Vision selectorized strength equipment is tougher than you can imagine and more comfortable than you’d expect. Every unit has been tested to withstand over a million reps, more than four times the industry standard. Intuitive adjustments and ergonomic designs make it easy for virtually anyone to sit down and take on strength training exercises. Explore our complete collection today, and make a strong selection for your place and your people.

Intuitive Adjustments

Highlighted adjustment points make it easy for even beginners to select a weight, adjust our selectorized station to their unique body and start a quick set.

Ergonomic Sculpting

The back pads, seats, handles and touchpoints of our selectorized stations are sculpted with the human form in mind, making even intense workouts comfortable.

Excellent Accessibility

Open frames make it easy for your people to enter and exit our selectorized stations, improving the flow of your fitness center.

Space-efficient Design

Our selectorized dual stations pack maximum functionality into minimum space, helping you make the most of your fitness center.

Instructional Insights

Included instructional placards highlight targeted muscle groups and demonstrate the exercise, helping beginners get started and enthusiasts refine form.

Fully Enclosed Weight Stack

A fully enclosed weight stack protects the station’s internal components from dust and debris, minimizing maintenance for you and your staff.



User Adjustment Range N/A
Color-coded Pivots & Points of Adjustment Yes

Frame & Cables

Frame Color Matte Black
Frame Finish Proprietary two-coat powder process
Machine Anchoring 5 anchoring locations
Cable Transmission Internally lubricated cables and fittings

Tech Specs

Product Weight 222 kg / 489 lbs.
Overall Dimensions 128.0 x 143.5 x 239.6 cm / 50.4” x 56.5” x 94.3”

User Amenities

Contoured seat N/A
Placard Color Coding Yellow (upper body)
Instructional Placards Muscle call outs, start and finish exercise illustrations

Weight Stack

Consistent Stack Height Yes
Total Stack Weight 100 kg / 220 lbs.
Weight Plate Increments 6.8 kg / 15 lbs.
Weight Stack Guarding Full front and rear shields


Frame * Lifetime, 10 years

Parts 5 years, 5 years

Accessories 6 months, 6 months

Upholstry 1 year, 1 year

Labor 2 years, 2 years

Coatings 1 year, 1 year

* Frame is defined as the welded metal base of the unit and does not include removable parts or coatings. All coatings are covered for one year.


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