KidsFit 310 Junior Lat/Pull Trainer

KidsFit 310 Junior Lat/Pull Trainer

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KidsFit 310 Junior Lat/Pull Trainer

Make getting fit safe and fun with the KidsFit Junior Lat Pull. The Kids Fit 310 Junior Lat Pull is a well-constructed machine that has a powder-coated purple finish, protective coverings on all cylinders, and built-in wheels for easy storage.The full back support, foot rest bar for proper positioning, and adjustable resistance is a big plus on this machine. The KidsFit 310 Junior Lat Pull is built smaller for people 8 years and older. 

This movement effectively isolates the latissimus muscles while keeping the user in a stable position.

Dimensions: 24” wide x 60”L x 28”H. Shipping wt= 155lbs.

Obviously, finding ways to increase children’s daily and weekly exercise opportunities should become a priority for parents, teachers and pediatricians. Recently, much has been done in schools to create infrastructures that promote healthy physical activity patterns, increasing children’s level of exercise, but not a lot has been done to influence fitness outside of school.

The value of physical fitness can never be overstated, and exercise is one of the only pure things in life where middle school kids can learn the value of taking care of themselves, and be motivated to take care of their bodies and eat nutritionally for the rest of their lives.

Call 1-800-875-9145 to speak with one of our fitness advisors with any questions you may have. How do we put a price on our kids overall wellnes and their future - Go to today to order the KidsFit 310 Lat Pull and let's give our kids the advantage they deserve.

KidsFit Junior 310 Lat Pull

Here are some additional benefits of fitness and exercise for middle-school-aged children:

  • Promotes Physically Active Lifestyle:

  • Develops Teamwork, Sportsmanship and Cooperation:

  • Builds Self-Esteem:

  • Promotes Academic Learning:

  • Develops Muscles and Coordination:

  • Prevents Disease: 

Want to help kids do better in school? Get them moving. That’s the message from a growing field of research, linking physical activity with better academic performance, not to mention a healthier, leaner body. Promote this to middle-school kids now, and they will practice this for the rest of their lives.

About Kids Fit
Kids Fit is based in South Carolina and is proud to have provided exercise equipment solutions for clients in the US and abroad. Kids Fit manufacturers fitness equipment specially designed for children of all ages, sizes, and physical condition. They provide solutions for our childhood obesity epidemic by creating exercise equipment especially for kids! Kids Fit offers smaller scaled exercise equipment in fun colors for the home. They’ve also participated in the set-up of hundreds of health clubs, physical therapy centers, and special needs facilities. They’ve also helped with after school programs, kid fitness gyms, day care facilities, and YMCAs. Kids Fit is a member of IYCA, IHRSA, PE4Life, YMCA, JCC, and Children’s Institute.


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