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We have service technicians on call 7 days a week throughout the United States for our customer's service needs.

Our knowledgeable sales and service professionals at FitnessZone will work closely with your business, organization or institution to create the most effective and efficient layout and arrangement of workout stations.  FitnessZone offers highly-customizable equipment, accessories and configurations that will meet your exact needs, while providing outstanding value and durability. Get a total body workout by combining a wide range of exercises using equipment that is built for a more versatile approach.

The FitnessZone commercial products division is nationally known as a company that has set the standard for institutional fitness product placement.  Our procedures provide a higher level of support to the commercial client.

Professional consultants are dedicated to providing the finest fitness equipment solution for your individual facility. We research the facility, speak with site managers, listen to your objectives and, if necessary, gather information from similar facilities as a starting point. We offer professional layout and design. We interact with your choice of electricians, carpenters, flooring providers, plumbers and inspection professionals - all this to guarantee a professional outcome.   Whether it’s new construction, renovation, or simple replacement/addition of products, FitnessZone is ready to serve!   Go with the Experts!  Go with FitnessZone!

FitnessZone is able to craft solutions to fit any size facility in any part of the United States. Spirit CT850 Commercial Treadmill

FitnessZone can provide the fast growing rehab and medical industry with fitness products to fit any project, budget or customer base. We can service small independent doctors and rehabilitation facilities to large rehabilitation and medical facilities, FitnessZone has high quality fitness products which set high standards for rehab and medical equipment. Whether your customers are focused on rehabilitation or over all wellness, FitnessZone can meet the fitness needs that are perfect for your business.

At FitnessZone we believe in taking a balanced lifestyle approach to exercise, activity, and nutrition. We help educate our customers to empower them. We endeavor to help our clients understand the 'why' behind their choices, and break down as many barriers to success as possible. We've found that by helping our customer they are more successful at creating lasting lifestyles that will continue well beyond short-term goals.


Improve athletic performance through development of strength, speed, sport-specific power, agility, endurance, balance, coordination, flexibility, injury prevention strategies, nutrition education and confidence. At any age a well-rounded fitness program is essential. Regular workout regimens will improve good health such as muscle tone, healthy skin, hair and nails while preventing age or lifestyle reductions in health. Quality of life is considerably enhanced by improving and maintaining a good range of motion in the joints. Cardio vascular exercise can burn calories and have immediate results for weight loss.  Strength training can burn calories while training and the increased muscle mass continues to burn calories long after the workout. Choosing the best equipment for your fitness needs will be specific to your situation, but whatever the case flexibility, function and design will be important to ensure the best solutions.

Indoor Cycling is a group exercise class done on stationary bikes. During the class the instructor simulates a ride. Together, you travel on flat roads, climb hills, sprint and race! It is truly a fantastic cardiovascular class. The beauty of indoor cycling is that you can do it even when its raining or snowing outside! You are kept motivated by the instructor, the people around you and by the music! Its lots of fun. FitnessZone® is the premier fitness superstore on the Internet for Commercial indoor cycles. We carry a wide selection of top quality and reliable home or commercial indoor group cycles. The FitnessZone® superstore offers the largest selection of Commercial indoor cycling bikes in the industry. Since 1987, the evolution of the indoor cycles has come a long way; and is still an ever-growing popular way for an intense, cardiovascular exercise in the home or at a group cycling class. We offer such a huge selection of indoor group cycles at the best prices so you don’t have to waste time searching for a lower price.

FitnessZone® will be able to custom fit you on a Commercial indoor cycle which will help you obtain your fitness goals while meeting your budget or space requirements. We carry such brands as: Star Trac, BodyCraft SPX Indoor Cycle, BodyCraft Tour Trainer, Best Fitness Indoor Cycle, Kettler ErgoRacer, Multisports Enduro Cycle, Xterra MB880 Indoor Cycle, Trixter X-Bike, Keiser M3 Indoor Cycle and more! We have service technicians on call 7 days a week throughout the World for our customer’s service needs. Order your indoor group cycle today at FitnessZone®.Com and pedal yourself to better Health!