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H20 Fitness Seattle Wooden Rower

First Degree E-920 Upper Body Ergometer   




First Degree Fluid Rower-Resistance Design

At the heart of any type of fitness equipment is its resistance system. Without resistance, the user would in effect, be merely "pushing and pulling a door", and the simple fact is that all the energy expended by the user during a workout needs to be ultimately dissipated by some means. We saw that full and instant adjustability was essential to achieving our goals, and uniquely in this industry we believed that exploring the realm of fluid technology would hold the key.

          • The original Fluid Technology System
          • 20 levels of resistance at the touch of a lever
          • New high-visibility pointer and scale

A rower must only offer resistance during the power phase of the stroke, so a rapid engagement clutch provides instant "catch", and releases at the finish, enabling the system to rotate freely during the recovery phase.

Water content 8 litres. Clear calibration line ensures accurate filling.

Puri-tabs provided to prevent any bacterial or algal growth in the tank.


Water has unique "cube rule" physical properties, which mean that to go twice as fast through it requires 8 times the effort!

So as the athlete increases workout intensity, the Fluid Technology resistance unit responds instantaneously.

No slack, no slippage, no flat spots, just full on resistance, in an instant, always there for you at the precise moment you want it!

Every competitive rower knows the feel of the cube rule, and just how tough it can be to squeeze that tiny extra bit of speed out of the boat in the race to the line.

Benefits of Rowing

Rowing is one of the few non-weight bearing sports that exercises all the major muscle groups, including quads, biceps, triceps, lats, glutes and abdominal muscles. Rowing improves cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength.

First Degree Vortex VX1 Commercial Rower

One Tank,
Two Chambers

The patented Fluid Technology variable resistance system makes ingenious use of a twin-chamber tank.

Water can be transferred to and from the two chambers by means of a lever or dial operation. Water in the outer chamber provides resistance to paddles when rotated by the pulling force of the user. Any water in the inner chamber “passive” chamber does not provide resistance. Thus the resistance can be varied through the water level in the outer tank and the effort of the user.

First Degree's patented Fluid Technology systems provide unique adjustability of resistance.

The range of variability is genuinely huge and can satisfy the needs of all users from the smallest lightweights to elite heavyweight athletes.

Resistance can be instantly varied at the touch of a lever before or even during a workout.

Experience the Difference!


 First Degree E-820 Upper Body Ergometer    





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