FreeMotion Selectorized



DEFINITION: exercise equipment, having a level of resistance adjusted by moving a pin or lever.

Selectorized weight stack machines offer a highly-effective and time-efficient workout that fits my busy schedule. One good set on a well-designed weight stack machine is comparable to three sets with free-weights. Other benefits are the supportive structure, the biomechanically correct movement patterns, the ease of adjusting resistance workloads, and the advantage of focusing on muscle force production rather than concentrating on balance, control and positioning factors.

With four complete lines of circuit strength training equipment, (Epic, Genesis, LIVEAXIS, Dual Cable Crossover,) FreeMotion  is clearly the leader in strength products for any facility. FreeMotion line of selectorized equipment is the evolution of superior technology combined with a passion for fitness. The product line operates in environments from highly supervised to self-serve. All our lines of selectorized equipment have been engineered to fit the space and budget of a wide range of customers, for the active aging population and people with disabilities.

Selectorized equipment is an icon in clubs today and is ideal for almost any user — from beginner to advanced. The equipment comes in many shapes and sizes to accommodate a variety of lifts and exercises and can target one muscle group or several muscle groups.

FreeMotion offers the EPIC Strength selectorized equipment. The EPIC Strength line utilizes never-before-seen features and an ergonomic design to improve upon traditional strength training. The enclosed, oval-shaped weight stack limits access to moving parts for safer function. Technologies include CAM2 design and new movement patterns to allow for exceptionally smooth, natural exercise. Each machine requires minimal adjustments for easy entry and exit. The distinct design offers a unique look, enhanced comfort and additional safety.

MADE TO DELIVER. The FreeMotion selectorized strength line competes with the best others have to offer. A group of machines that combines striking appearance with rugged durability, these great machines have been engineered to take the tough punishment a heavy duty commercial environment requires. And it works for the highly supervised gyms as well as the home.

Benefits of Selectorized Strength Machines:

  • The major benefit of selectorized weight stack machines is exercise efficiency

  • It takes less time to set the desired training resistance.

  • Properly designed weight stack machine employs mechanical technology that automatically adjusts the resistance force to match the changing muscle force throughout the joint range of movement (typically a cam or 4-bar linkage mechanism).

  • Each repetition is uniformly challenged from start to finish, thereby rendering one set of 8 to 12 reps a highly effective strength-building stimulus.

  • Vertical weight stack always travels directly in line with the force of gravity, rather than through several oblique movement angles.

  • Can targeting specific muscle groups that are almost impossible to isolate using free-weights (e.g., quadriceps, hamstrings, hip abductors, and hip adductors).