HYDRYX Hard-Core Workout Towel

HYDRYX Hard-Core Workout Towel

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HYDRYX Hard-Core Workout Towel Description:

Hard-Core Workout Towel Stay Dry! - Stay Cool! - Increase performance!

The super-absorbent HYDRYX Hard-Core Workout Towel absorbs tons of sweat and cools you down after the most serious of workouts. The unique material absorbs more than a towel, holding up to 5 times its weight in water, with cooling properties to keep you fresh. It's like a chamois formulated for your body that stays cool all day long!Proven by hard-core bodybuilders and weightlifters and endorsed by the World Natural Bodybuilding Federation, the revolutionary HYDRYX Hard-Core Workout Towel absorbs sweat from the toughest workout and helps you cool down when you need it. Carrying tube included, keeps the HYDRYX Hard-Core Workout Towel moist for the best cool down and most moisture absorption. 66x43 cm (26x17 in.)

HYDRYX Hard-Core Workout Towel is also great for running, golf, sports, first aid and heat-stroke prevention.HYDRYX was independently reviewed by SNEWS and stated, "Understand this: This ain't your mother's towel," and rated it 4.5/5. Read the rave review here OR, for the Hard-Core set, see here why T-Mag.com says, "this is a really cool towel."

HYDRYX Hard-Core Workout Towel Care instructions:

  • Rinse or wash in cold water before use.
  • Wring out and store in tube or zip-lock type bag.
  • If HYDRYX dries out, rinse it in cold water.
  • In extra hot weather, rinse in cold water and wring out as much water as you like before use.

    Keeping HYDRYX wet in hot weather lets you dry off and stay extra cool at the same time.

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