Body-Solid SPR500P2 Commercial Half Cage Package

Body-Solid SPR500P2 Commercial Half Cage Package

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Body-Solid SPR500P2 Commercial Half Cage Package



The Body-Solid SPR500P2 Commercial Half Cage Package includes the Body-Solid SPR500 Half Rack and the SFID425 Full Commercial Adjustable Bench.
The Body-Solid ProClub Line SPR500 Commercial Half Rack is a full commercial half rack built for heavy weight training in any facility. The SPR500 Commercial Half Rack is designed to excel in heavy use facilities like high schools, colleges and universities, police and fire departments, military facilities, sports performance training facilities, and any commercial gym or training studio.
The SFID425 bench is one of the strongest and toughest benches in the industry with thick, durable padding and multiple independent back and seat adjustments. The SFID425 also features a foot hold for serious decline workouts.
The SPR500 Commercial Half Cage and the SFID425 Commercial Adjustable Bench combine to form a formidable gym package allowing for incline, decline and flat bench presses, shoulder presses and more workouts across the entire body. 



Body-Solid SPR500P2 Commerical Half Cage Package Options:


SPR500HALFBACK Rack Extension
Extend the SPR500 Half Rack and add 4 Olympic Wight Horns for additional storage and safety. 
The SPRJC can mount on the front or rear uprights and are tested to hold 1000lbs.
SPRSA Spotter Arms
Constructed from 3”x3” 11-gauge steel, with welded ends, each spotter arm is over 22” long and will handle over 1000 lbs. 
SPRDCB Dual Chin-Up Bar
The SPRDCB Double Chin Bar offers both a traditional and a fat diameter chin bar in the same section for unmatched effectiveness. 
SPRBCB Bench Clearance Bar
Allow full-length entry for a multi-press bench on the SPR500.
SPRPS Pin & Pipe Safeties
The SPRPS Pin and Pipe Safeties have a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs and will reduce wear and tear on your Olympic bar.
SR-BHV Bar Holder Attachment
Add style and functionality to your Hexagon Rig or Commercial Power Rack with our SR-BHV Bar Holder. An easy-to-use, convenient accessory that allows you to store a barbell on the exterior of your Rig.
SR-DIP Dip Station Attachment
Take your dips to the next level with the SR-DIP attachment.
SR-STEP Plyo Step Attachment
The SR-STEP Plyo Step allows for all the same plyo box exercises in a fully-adjustable platform.
SR-UL U-Link Attachment
These U-Link add-ons allow you to attach Body-Solid Training Ropes for a high-level CrossFit/MMA-style conditioning workout.
SPRST Storage Tray
Keep your workout space or studio clean and organized with the SPRST Storage Tray.
SPRTB Dual T-Bar Platform
Ramp up your row workouts with the Body-Solid SPRTB Dual T-Bar Row Platform.
SPRBP Band Pegs 
Add progressive resistance to any workout with the SPRBP Band Pegs add-on.



Body-Solid SPR500P2 Commercial Half Cage Package Features:

  • Space-saving rack and fid bench
  • Ideal for Olympic lifts, deadlifts, squats, bench presses (flat, incline and decline) and more
  • 3” x 3” 11-gauge steel mainframe
  • Premium J-cup liftoffs
  • Safety spotter arms
  • Integrated chinning bar
  • Bench goes flat, 15, 30, 45, 60 and 80 degrees incline as well as a -18 degree decline
  • Weight Capacity: 1000lbs


Body-Solid SPR500P2 Commercial Half Cage Package Specs:

  • Product Weight: 302lbs
  • Product Dimensions: 81"L x 52" W x 89"H


Body-Solid SPR500P2 Commerical Half Cage Package Warranty:

  • In-Home Lifetime
  • Full Commerical


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