BodyKore Chin/Dip Assist

BodyKore Chin/Dip Assist

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BodyKore Chin/Dip Assist



Our BodyKore Isolation Series GR636 Assisted Chin/Dip machine has many features for different uses. One of the ways the GR636 can be used is for assistance, especially when performing pull ups and dips. These dip exercises are highly effective in strengthening the upper body muscles. The Chin/Dip assist has folding arms that allow you to switch from a dip to chin up without getting off the machine. This piece helps you complete proper chin ups and pull ups to target your biceps and deltoids. The Assisted Chin/Dip machine has the best combination of exercise options to achieve your fitness goals.

This machine is also beneficial to users that want to perform high resistance, negative bodyweight movements. With the support of the GR636, these exercises can be done smoothly and safely. The knee pad lever is strongly constructed, being able to support up to 220lbs in weight.



Cup/phone/key holder

Starting positions are incremental at 15-degree intervals through 270 degrees of rotation for consistency

Steps assist users of various sizes and ability

Quick-release knob on kneeling platform makes changeover easy for unassisted body weight training

Multiple adjustment points for maximum customization



Assembled Dimension (LWH) 54″ x 29″ x 94″

Product Weight 540lbs



Frame Lifetime

Weight Stacks 5 Years

Pulleys 5 Years

Pivot Bearings 5 Years

Other Items Not Specified 3 Years

Labor 3 Years

Upholstery/Cables/Springs/Grips 1 Year

Accessories 6 Months


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