BodyKore Leg Extension/Leg Prone

BodyKore Leg Extension/Leg Prone

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BodyKore Leg Extension/Leg Prone



Our BodyKore Isolation Series – Selectorized GR643 Leg Extension/Leg Prone machine is a gym essential that is vital for lower body exercises. The interchangeable combo unit allows the user to switch from a Leg Extension to a Lying Prone Leg Curl movement. A variety of exercises can be done by this dual function feature. A range of muscles can be strengthened from the quadricep muscles to the hamstrings. These versatile movements of the Selectorized Leg Extension/Leg Prone machine make it adaptable to many workouts.  

Each exercise can be performed effectively by the machine's smooth motions and adjustment system. The design of this piece makes it easy to adjust and incorporate the 220lb weight stacks in a variety of workout movements. This machine lets you switch weight sizes and exercises in between sets with swiftness. The Leg Extension has a 4-position seat adjustment system allows this machine to be very comfortable and a perfect fit for all users of any size and both the Leg extension and prone has 4 adjustment lengths for the leg pad so users of all sizes can use this machine.



Angled pads and ideal pivot location promote full muscle contraction and alignment

With angle pads and an ideal pivot location, our leg extension/prone machine promotes full muscle contraction and alignment.

Adjustable seat depth and seat angle positions

Adjustable seat depth and seat angles allow users of all sizes to position the machine for maximum comfort.

Seat adjustments

The leg extension seat starts sitting up with 4 adjustment angles and the leg prone adjusts downward to a lying position.

Adjustable leg roller

Our leg extension/prone comes with an adjustable leg roller to suit user preferences.

Side and front handles for stability

Equipped with side handles, users are given better positioning and stability.

Thermosetting electrostatic powder coating insinuates a bright color and glossy metallic shine

To give it a long-lasting life, this machine is finished in a thermosetting electrostatic powder coating, which gives off a bright color and glossy metallic shine.

Frame made with 3.5” oval rolled steel tubing – rated over 1000lbs

This machine is extremely durable and sturdy, formed with a frame built with 3.5” oval rolled steel tubing rated over 1000lbs.

Cup/phone/key holder

For maximum convenience, users can place their cup, phone, or keys in the holder located on the side of the machine.



Dimensions 50"68"x65"

Weight 670lbs

Weight Stack 220lbs



Frame Lifetime

Weight Stacks 5 Years

Pulleys 5 Years

Pivot Bearings 5 Years

Other Items Not Specified 3 Years

Labor 3 Years

Upholstery/Cables/Springs/Grips 1 Year

Accessories 6 Months


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