Freemotion i22.9 Incline Trainer

Freemotion i22.9 Incline Trainer

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Freemotion i22.9 Incline Trainer


The iFIT-powered Freemotion i22.9 Incline Trainer places your fitness experience at the center of its design. With a near-limitless library of coach-led training options and live-streaming classes displayed on an impressive 22 in / 55 cm HD touchscreen, the Incline Trainer provides a motivating, interactive, and engaging workout experience that gives users the ability to build muscle and burn calories faster, with less perceived exertion. Order your Freemotion I22.9 Incline Trainer from FitnessZone today!  We offer Financing and FREE Shipping!


  • Thousands of live-streaming and on-demand workouts led by elite coaches
  • Stunning 22 inch / 55cm HD Capacitive Touchscreen
  • -3% decline to +30% inclineallows a faster calorie burn
  • 1-Step controls for speed and incline


Freemotion i22.9 Incline Trainer Information



Immerse yourself in visually stunning imagery while working out in exotic locations around the globe, or watch a favorite TV program on this high-definition 22 in / 55 cm capacitive touchscreen.


Incline training improves fitness faster than working out on flat surfaces. Whether you’re running or walking, training at an incline increases heart rate, muscle activation, and calorie expenditure, all with less perceived exertion and while reducing the impact that leads to injury.


With an industry-leading 30% incline and a -3% decline available at the touch of a button, you can burn more fat calories on the Incline Trainer, with less perceived exertion. With the primary fuel source coming from fat, walking at a 30% incline burns 3.6 times more calories than walking on a flat surface.


Elevate your heart rate and the efficiency of your exercise routine by taking your workout up a notch or two. With double the incline potential of a standard treadmill, you can get your heart pumping faster and endorphins flowing more freely, whether you’re running or walking at an incline.


“Incline training also increases your efficiency by subconsciously improving your form, forcing a faster step turnover and shorter, more efficient strides.

It also facilitates a shift to a mid-foot strike and optimal toe push-off, rather than the less productive and injury-prone heel-strike used by many runners. You’ll feel your calf muscles, hamstrings, and glutes activate as you reduce braking forces and achieve optimal power.”


Build lower-body muscles while improving your cardiovascular fitness on the Incline Trainer. More effective than flat surface and stair training, walking or running at an incline increases muscle activation throughout your posterior chain and delivers an excellent workout – especially for your glutes.


Utilize decline training to better prepare for races or outdoor running and improve postural awareness. Decline training teaches the body to decelerate and develops eccentric strength while helping to prevent falls in a safe environment.


The unique rear motor design of the Incline Trainer creates the platform for dynamic agility training – like side shuffles, high knee skipping and carioca. Progress your workout by practicing these athletic movement patterns without incline and, when ready, increase the incline to increase the muscle challenge and cardiovascular intensity.



Run anywhere in the world with Google Maps. Create a route, and iFIT will adjust your treadmill’s incline/decline to match the on-screen terrain, allowing you to virtually explore 10 million miles (16 million km) of mapped locations. Revisit your childhood neighborhood or train for an out-of-town race (5K, marathon, etc.) before completing it in person.