Freemotion Pro Functional Half Rack

Freemotion Pro Functional Half Rack

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Freemotion Pro Functional Half Rack



Bring functional training to your facility with the Freemotion Pro Functional Half Rack. This rack is as tough as it looks with multiple training areas and storage options almost everywhere you look. With a hefty 200-pound weight stack, this multi-use piece is made for personal training, but is just as intuitive when your clients use it on their own.


Freemotion Pro Functional Half Rack Features:


  This Freemotion Pro Functional Half Rack has a 7 gauge steel frame - made even stronger with a 7 gauge wrap to help with wear and tear.


  With 14 long pegs and 2 in (5 cm) adjustments, storage options go up instead of out, maximizing your floor space.


  The multi chin and neutral grip bar pull an aerobic edge to this strength-building piece.


  With 7 gauge steel uprights with an addition 7 gauge wrap, this machine stands up to continual wear and tear.


  This rack can be ultra-customized to fit your needs, down to 2 in (5 cm) adjustments.


  Organize the strength training experience with 14 pegs that can accommodate multiple weights.


  Meet members at their current fitness level, and propel them forward, with a 200 lbs weight stack.


Freemotion Pro Functional Half Rack Specs:

Standard Frame Colors: Eagle White-03-T, Sky White-29-G, Black-01-T, Bike Black-24-G, Ebony Chrome-02-T, Ebony Chrome-02-G, Silvadillo-22-T, Sun Gold-21-T, Sun Gold-21-G, Dynamic Yellow-20-T, Dynamic Yellow-20-G, Sgnl Yellow-12-T, Sgnl Yellow-12-G, Sgnl Orange-14-T, Sgnl Orange-14-G, River Red-04-T, Red Baron-30-G, Maroon-23-T, Maroon-23-G, Purple Wave-19-T, Purple Wave-19-G, Navy Blue-25-T, Navy Blue-25-G, Royal Blue-26-T, Royal Blue-26-G, Sky Blue-27-T, Sky Blue-27-G, Pastel Blue-28-T, Pastel Blue-28-G, Leaf Green-10-T, Leaf Green-10-G, Mint Green-17-T, Mint Green-17-G, Yellow Green-11-T, Yellow Green-11-G
Optional Frame Colors: Eagle White, Sky White, Black, Bike Black, Ebony Chrome, Silvadillo, Sun Gold, Dynamic Yellow, SGNL Yellow, SGNL Orange, River Red, Red Baron, Maroon, Purple Wave, Navy Blue, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Pastel Blue, Leaf Green, Mint Green, Yellow Green,
Standard Upholstery Colors: Black
Optional Upholstery Colors: Med Gray, Steel Gray, Mocha, Tiger Moth, Orange, Red, Port, Dark Purple, Royal Blue, Lite Blue, Dark Green
Weight Stack: 200 lbs (136 kg)
Frame and Finish: 7-Gauge Steel Frame, Built with materials that stand up to continual wear and constant use.
Frame Contents: 
 • 4×3 ft (1.2 x 0.9 m) steel uprights
• 4.5 x 3.5 in (11.4 x 8.8 cm) plated upright wrap
• Fiber-Laser cut numbering system for exact attachment positioning
• Multi-grip chin-up bar with 2 in (5 cm) ball grips
• Four place bar storage
• Band peg pair
• 14 in (35.5 cm) Plate Storage Pegs (12)
• UHMW plastic on J-hooks and safeties to prevent upright, bar and J-hook damage
• Fiber-laser cut upright slots for fast and solid J-hook and safety Arm adjustments
• Footplate anchor options for maximum rack stability
• Carriage bolt hardware for a smooth and clean finish
• Adjustable cable 2:1 dual pull system attached
• 200 lbs (90.7 kg) cable stack each side
• 2 in (5 cm) diameter grip multi bar

Freemotion Pro Functional Half Rack Dimensions:

  • Machine Weight lbs (kg): 1545.2 lbs (700 kg)
  • L x W x H in (cm): 101 x 92 x 74.5 in (256.5 x 233.6 x 189.2 cm)

Freemotion Pro Functional Half Rack Warranty:

  • Structural Steel Frame Lifetime
  • Wear Guards/UHMW 5 Years
  • Rubber and Plastic 5 Years
  • Finish 5 Years
  • Fitness Products 1 Year
  • Pads, Grips, Components 1 Year
  • Accessory Products 90 Days

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