Prism Smart Resistance Wall Gym Kit

Prism Smart Resistance Wall Gym Kit

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Prism Smart Resistance Wall Gym Kit 



The Smart Resistance Wall Gym is the perfect complement for resistance training. An infinitely adjustable anchor system that allows simple and secure placement anywhere along the continuous track. This allows for endless exercise options and the ability to specialize to specific movement, like golf swings.  The wall gym features precise markings along the side to ensure consistency in placement of your cable anchor.  This makes it easier to assess and train the same each session.

7-ft stainless steel track is wall mounted to maximize floor space and features patented anchors that slide to any height position.

Triple pocket attachments are securely connected for quickly adding any cables, tubes, bands or even webbing with our D-ring attachment.

84″ in height
7” wide
2” deep


  • Supports up to 300lbs of force
  • Incremental adjustments points with smooth sliding buckle making it easy to adjust for various exercises
  • Zero Floor Space taken when not in use
  • Functional Resistance training is safe, quiet, and allows for progressive resistance all the way through the movement
  • Exercise Posters available for purchase upon request!


  • Versatility of functional fitness is appealing to several different types of facilities, including but not limited to:
  • Multi-housing community centers
  • Apartments and condo fitness rooms
  • 55 and older communities’ clubhouses
  • Senior living facility fitness room
  • Corporate wellness rooms
  • College, high school, middle school, private schools, elementary schools
  • Professional Sports and Athletic Training
  • Medical applications (hospital, wellness, physical therapy)
  • High-end homes to Garage Gyms and residential settings
  • Commercial Grade stainless steel rail and adjustment buckle
  • 99% of all components sourced and manufactured in USA
  • Fully assembled and tested in our WI Facility
  • Fully backed by our commercial warranty (contact Prism for specific product warranties)


  • Smart Resistance Wall Gym Complete Package – SKU 400-240-009
  • Smart Resistance Wall Gym Kit – SKU 400-240-007
  • Smart Resistance Wall Gym Complete Package sell sheet shows product and features specific to the Wall Gym package
  • Available on EC Design for easy room layouts.
Smart Resistance Wall Gym Kit Includes:

(2 Each) 30in Resistance Cables – 20lb and 40lb
(2) 60in Resistance Cables – 50lb
(1 Pair) Smart Quick Flip Handles – Triple
(1) Smart Ankle Cuff Attachment
(1) Resistance Wall Gym
(1) Exercise Chart

Smart Resistance Wall Gym Complete Package Includes:

(2 Each) 30in Resistance Cables 10lb-100lb
(2 Each) 60in Resistance Cables 10lb-100lb
(4 Pairs) Smart Quick Flip Handles -Single
(2 Pairs) Smart Quick Flip Handles -Triple
(2) Smart Ankle Cuff Attachments
(1) Resistance Wall Gym
(1) Exercise Chart
(1) Smart Resistance Cable Caddy


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