Prism Fitness Workhorse Harness, XLarge (210lb+)

Prism Fitness Workhorse Harness, XLarge (210lb+)

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Prism Fitness Workhorse Harness, XLarge (210lb+)

SKU: 400-520-112

The Workhorse Harness, with leash, provides easy transitions between training drills; no more switching between belts and harnesses. Workhorse will give you the flexibility you need to train efficiently and comfortably.

This durable harness features several connection options for multi-directional training. It also features padded, adjustable shoulder straps and waist belt for maximum comfort.

The heavy-duty construction allows towing for heavy loads. A 7-foot leash is included.

If you’re involved in sports or any other type activity in which you want to increase your speed, then you want to consider using the Prism Workhorse Harness in your training regimen. What types of benefits does the Prism Workhorse Harness have to offer?

The most notable advantage is that it can dramatically boost your performance speed and strength, making you more efficient at your sport or activity of choice. It also works to improve your balance and control your body positions, helping you achiever higher levels of fitness in a safer and more effective manner.

The Prism Workhorse Harness padded shoulder straps gives maximum comfort as you work your way to greater levels of speed and agility. Whether you use the Prism Workhorse Harness to improve your running, sprinting, or leaping abilities, one thing is for sure—the Prism Workhorse Harness won’t let you down. It provides maximum training comfort and control at a minimum cost and it really doesn’t get any better than that.

Medium (130-170 lbs)
Large (170-210 lbs)
X-Large (210+ lbs)


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