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Spirit CRW800 Rower

Spirit CRW800 Rower

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Spirit CRW800 Rower

The CRW800 Rower combines a long list of high performance features with a reliable design.

From the convenience of the 20” frame height and folding storage design to the combined air/magnetic resistance and remote handle controls,

the CRW800 is sure to impress.

With each strokewith the Spirit CRW800 Rower most every part of the body is used which is why rowing machines just might be the most effective exercise ever.

Regular rowing workouts are an ideal way to work toward maximum physical fitness. Using the Spirit CRW800 Rower can help to build and tone your muscles,

strengthen your cardiovascular function and increase your stamina without pounding the pavement on a grueling, long-distance run.

Rowing machines are particularly effective for older fitness enthusiasts because they place no strain on your back and joints.

The Spirit CRW800 Rower uses virtually every major muscle group in your body. With little pressure on the joints, due to the activity's low-impact nature,

rowers work their legs, hips and buttocks with each stroke. The CRW800 also use upper-body muscles, strengthening the back, shoulders and arms.

The trunk and core are engaged in the exercise as the rower performs each stroke.

You can adjust most rowing machines to create a tighter resistance to increase the rate at which you build muscle.

The CRW800 Rower gives you an endurance exercise that increases heart function and uses carbohydrates to provide the energy required to exercise.

Keeping the rowing machine tension at a low level allows you to maintain a high rate of speed with little resistance in order to reach and maintain an aerobic state.

Aerobic exercise improves lung, heart and circulation systems and is the cornerstone of an effective exercise routine.

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5 Reasons to Use the Spirit CRW800 Rower

  1. Effective aerobic workout

  2. Efficient calorie burning

  3. Conditioning for the upper body

  4. Conditioning for the lower body

  5. Low risk of injury

Spirit CRW800 Rower Features

FRAME: Solid steel frame that folds up for easy storage

ADJUSTABLE: Quickly adjust the resistance between 16 levels without removing your hands from the handlebar.

CONSOLE: Bright, backlit console displays all workout data and is easily adjustable to different angles and heights for perfect viewing

FOOTRESTS: Flex pedals with easy adjust numbered settings

Spirit CRW800 Rower Specifications

CONSOLE:  5.5" Blue Backlit LCD, Adjustable Console Angle and Console Arm

PROGRAMS: Manual, Distance, Time, Calories, 20/10 Interval, 10/20 Interval, Custom Interval, Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength, Game

HEART RATE: Telemetric (Chest strap sold separately)

RESISTANCE: Air and Magnetic (16 Levels)

REMOTE HANDLE: Wireless Remote Resistance Control w/Low Battery Indicator; Padded Ergonomic Handle

POWER: Plug-In; 120 Volts

SEAT: Contoured and Padded

FOOTRESTS: Adjustable Footrests w/Numbered Sizing

FRAME: High-Strength Steel w/Durable Powder-Coat Paint; Aluminum Monorail



DIMENSIONS: 94" x 18" x 38"

FOLDED: 53" x 18" x 71" (no tools required)



Spirit CRW800 Rower Warranty

Commercial Warranty Information

(Non-dues paying facility)
FRAME: Lifetime
PARTS: 5 Years
LABOR: 2 Years

Residential Warranty Information

FRAME: Lifetime
BRAKE: 10 Years
PARTS: 10 Years
LABOR: 2 Years


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