StairMaster 8 Series Freeclimber with 15" Embedded Touchscreen

StairMaster 8 Series Freeclimber with 15" Embedded Touchscreen

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StairMaster 8 Series Freeclimber with 15" Embedded Touchscreen

THE NEW StairMaster 8 Series Freeclimber  WITH NEW OPENHUB CONSOLES

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The 8 Series Freeclimber by StairMaster is a commercial-rated step machine with independent step motion used to increase heart rate and burn body fat during cardio exercise.

You’re not going to find another freeclimber in the industry like the Stairmaster 8 Freeclimber with the new OpenHub consoles.The OpenHub console provides a flexible platform that connects expert partners to provide solutions for every customer for today and into the future This user-friendly fitness machine is easily adjusted to your fitness and experience level. Increase the challenge of your comfort level with varying levels of resistance difficulty with speeds from 26 to 174 steps/minute. Innovative fitness applications come with pre-set workouts that focus on a preset time, caloric burn, or target heart rate. Best of all, with the OpenHub consoles you can track all of your fitness progress and review it later to see how far you’ve come.

The StairMaster 8 Series Freeclimber pre-programs will take the guess work out of your workouts and take you through an intense and effective routine. Choose to climb the steps of famous landmarks like the Eifel Tower or aim to reach and hold a specific target heart rate. Just push a button and let the machine do the rest.


  • Increase Core Muscle Strength Using the StairMaster 8 Series Freeclimbert requires simple balance but significant strength, more so than other cardio modalities. The simple act of maintaining balance engages core muscles with every step, building strength and endurance of this critically-important muscle group.
  • Tone and sculpt your entire lower body Stair climbing on the Freeclimbert engages every major muscle in your lower body as many as 120+ times/minute: glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves. High repetitions are famous for building lean muscle and burning fat which results in toned and sculpted muscles.
  • Low Impact The 8-Freeclimber makes you work hard without being hard on you. You can achieve high work efforts while moving at very low speeds relative to other workout options, minimizing the toll/stress on the body. For example, climbing at 1mph on the StairMaster Freeclimbert is roughly equivalent to running at 6mph on a flat treadmill.
  • Better than “Real” Stairs Climbing “real” stairs usually means you get to the top and then have to go back down. Descending stairs is much harder on your knees than climbing up because your muscles and connective tissues are being used as “brakes” to fight the effect of gravity, and you are hitting each step with more impact. With the Freeclimbert, you get all the benefits of climbing while avoiding the negative elements of descending.
  • Make 20 minutes count for 30 Combining so many positive effects (cardio, strengthening, muscle building, toning) in one workout means it takes less time to get the results you are looking for.

The 15″ embedded touchscreen display adds a premium look and experience to the already-great StairMaster cardio line. With standard features like HDMI streaming, Bluetooth connectivity and TV tuner options, this is a display that has something for every user.

  • Global TV tuner options
  • Bluetooth connection for user workout data tracking
  • USB charging port
  • HDMI streaming from personal device (with HDMI cable, not included)
  • Pre-wired for ECOFIT asset management solution
  • Pre-wired for 8-Series PVS entertainment option


The compact, lightweight design makes it perfect for home gyms, apartments, medical offices and corporate fitness centers.

StairMaster Gauntlet


Call 1-800-875-9145 to speak with one of our fitness advisors with any questions you may have about the StairMaster 8 Freeclimber and get ready to experience one of the most challenging, effective, and rewarding cardio workouts ever. Imagine a never-ending staircase with the intensity to incinerate body fat, build lean muscle mass, to help you obtain the grreat body you have hoped for. Don't hesitate order your StairMaster 8 Freeclimber from today! Chat with one of our friendly agents at FitnessZone and learn more about the StairMaster 8 Freeclimber.


The Future is the New OpenHub Consoles

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What is OpenHub?
OpenHub™ is a smart, affordable, configurable solution available on Star Trac® and StairMaster® cardio equipment. The best part is, you add (and pay for) only what you want, when you want. The future of club connectivity is here. The future is OpenHub™. The OpenHub provide a flexible platform that connects expert partners to provide solutions for every customer for today and into the future. Introducing the new OpenHub™ family of Cardio Consoles.

There are Three Great Options To Fit Your Personal Needs:

StairMaster Gauntlet
StairMaster Gauntlet










Hub Cap

This optional tablet holder can be added to the top of any LCD or 10" or 15" OpenHub™ console. Able to hold tablets up to 10.1” diagonal screen size, the tablet holder puts the user’s personal entertainment in the ideal position for viewing, while holding it secure.



Users can now browse the web or stream music and video directly to the OpenHub™ consoles from their own phone or tablet. You can also watch television on the oversized 15” embedded screen or by adding the optional personal viewing screen to the 10” and LCD models.

Competition & Games

Group Display functions can be used for a variety of competition and games. Bluetooth and Ant+ signals support data collection and display by 3rd party partner products.



Workout Data Tracking

Personal fitness data tracking is available via Bluetooth connection. OpenHub™ consoles can push data to personal smart devices, connecting users with a world class data ecosystem.




Add individual entertainment to each cardio piece with a Personal Viewing System

  • • 15.6″ HD screen
  • • HDMI streaming capable (with HDMI cable, not included)
  • • Integrated design matches the console for a clean, cohesive look

TV Option: OPTIONAL 15.6" Personal Viewing Screen

The 8-Series LCD Display is pre-wired to accept an add-on 15.6" HD Personal Viewing Screen from MYE Entertainment. The PVS mounts seamlessly to the product, and an integrated control keypad inserts into the front of the cardio display for easy control. With the 8-Series, the PVS includes an HDMI port to support streaming from user’s personal device to screen.

At the heart of the new StairMaster 8 Series Freeclimber are three new console options. The top of the line  console option has an intuitive and attractive 10” touch screen display, integrated TV tuner, iPod video playback, charging and audio controls, as well as the Landmark Challenge that allows users to climb famous landmarks from around the world. The new unit also boasts numerous ergonomic upgrades including improved handrails, step-up assist, and the Ergo-bar hand grip to provide alternative, more comfortable hand positions. Unchanged are StairMaster’s 30 years of proven performance with tough and reliable core mechanics, telemetry HR, and CPAT/WFI StepMill Fitness Tests.

StairMaster 8-Freeclimber with 10" Touchscreen Specifications

Product Dimensions 68" H x 43" L x 27" W (173cm H x 110cm L x 69cm W)
Product Weight 155 lbs (70 kg)
Max User Weight 350 lbs (159 kg)
Power Requirements Input Voltage 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz 100 VA
Display OpenHub™ 15” embedded touch screen, 10” touch screen, and LCD screen
TV Option Optional PVS for 10” 15" & LCD
Workouts 10 programs - Quick Start, Manual, Fat Burner, Calorie Burner, Speed Intervals, Custom Intervals, Random Intervals, Heart Rate Intervals, Calorie Goal, Heart Rate Zone Trainer
Fitness Tests Multi-stage Fit Test & CPAT Fire Fit Test
Drive System Electronically controlled alternator with chain drive precisely controls the pedal descent allowing a wide range of users to exercise smoothly within their comfort zones
Step Action Patented, independent pedal geometry with four-bar linkage keeps pedals level ensuring a safe, biomechanically correct movement
Step Range 1" to 14" (2.5cm to 36cm)
Step Rate 26 to 174 steps/minute
Heart Rate Monitoring Polar® compatible wireless; contact sensors

StairMaster 8-Freeclimber with 15" Touchscreen Warranty

 15 years Frame

 3 Years Parts

 1 Year Labor and Wear Items

Residential and Light-Commercial Application.

Order your StairMaster 8-Freeclimber with 15" Touchscreen from today!

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