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TKO 875CB Commercial Ab/Crunch Bench

TKO 875CB Commercial Ab/Crunch Bench

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TKO 875CB Commercial Ab/Crunch Bench


Want to finally commit to those tight, toned abs without sacrificing the health of your spine? The TKO Commercial Ab Crunch Bench allows you to get in those intense ab workouts without lying on the floor. Workout mats and foam sheets aren’t enough to protect your back from injuries and unnecessary pain while you work out. An Ab Crunch Bench keeps you appropriately cushioned and supported, allowing you to work harder, longer and smarter.

The sturdy frame and convenient handles and grips allow you to use the machine with confidence. You won’t slide, slip or fall off and both mounting and dismounting can be accomplished with ease. The Ab Crunch Bench lets you get the most from your workouts with full adjustability. Choose from six different angled points of adjustment allowing you to craft a truly complete abdominal workout as you adjust your incline to target every muscle group.

People of any size and skill level can easily use the TKO Commercial Ab Crunch Bench thanks to its extended width and strong foundation. Whether you’re a seasoned fitness expert or just starting out, you’ll find the exact ab workout you need. The TKO Commercial Ab Crunch Bench is designed with every gym in mind, from the humblest home rec room to the largest professional gymnasium.

Weighing just over 75 pounds, the Ab Crunch Bench can be easily transported and maneuvered with the aid of its rear transport wheels. The TKO Commercial Ab Crunch Bench takes up a carpet area of less than 6 feet across, making it perfect for home gymnasiums whether it’s the first edition or the last. For easier, swifter shipping the Ab Crunch Bench arrives needing a small amount of assembly, but once put together, it will become a crucial part of your workout regiment.


875CB Bench Features:

  • Fully adjustable w/ (6) different angles
  • Rear transport wheels for easy mobility.
  • Wider profile for increased stability
  • Convenient assist handle for easy on & off 

875CB Bench Specs:

  • Assembled Size: 55” L x 33” W x 47” H
  • Package Size: 51” L x 23” W x 8” H
  • Weight: 82 lbs.

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