Body Solid Core Essentials Package BSTPACK

Body Solid Core Essentials Package BSTPACK

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Body-Solid Core Essentials Package

The Body-Solid Core Essentials Package offers excellent core training. Core fitness exercise has become synonymous with abdominal conditioning. In terms of core stability, the abdominal muscles do little. Without proper strength and conditioning of all core muscles, injury, aches and pains can occur more frequently. The core of the body is responsible for supporting the back, spine and shoulders. With the Body-Solid Core Essentials Package you will be able to strengthen all muscles related to these areas.

How the Body-Solid Core Essentials Package is the Effective Core Fitness Solution

In order to choose effective core fitness exercises, you must first learn the muscles supporting the core of the body. The core muscles begin at the top of the abdominal trunk and run down to the lower torso.
  • Gluteus Muscle Group - Muscles of the middle hip and buttocks area including gluteus medius, minimus, and maximus. Hamstring muscles are also included in the gluteus muscles.
  • Hip Muscle Group - Muscles of the upper hip and pelvis including the hip flexors and hip adductors.
  • Abdominal Muscle Group - Muscles of the front and side trunk including the external and internal obliques, traverse abdominis, and rectus abdominus.
  • Spinae Muscle Group - Muscle group supporting the spine including the erector spinae and multifidus.

Improved Posture with the Tools in the Body-Solid Core Essentials Package

Core fitness exercises also support proper posture. Imbalances of posture can lead to improper weight lifting form, injuries, and undue pressure on the lower back. Pressure and pain of the lower back is a common symptom of weak core muscles.

Improved Balance with the Body-Solid Core Essentials Package

The abdominal muscles are important to core stability and strength. When the abdominal muscles are weak, the lower back holds additional pressure and weight from simple daily tasks like walking. When exercising, this pressure grows exponentially leading to painful back injuries. Strengthening the abdominal muscles allows the weight of the upper body to be evenly distributed over the front and back. When weight is distributed, balance improves.

Working the Torso as a Solid Unit

The torso can be pictured as a solid unit. This unit needs to be strong and stable like the frame of a car. If the torso is weak, the muscles of the body will not perform at optimal levels. Core fitness exercises can help build stability of the core. Building strength in the core of the body does not require weights or gym machines. The most common core exercises include:

  • Abdominal Bracing - Pull the belly button in toward the spine and hold. Continuing breathing while bracing.
  • Plank - Start in a push-up position with the elbows and forearms on the floor. Hold the back straight and lift one leg. Lower the leg and repeat with the opposite leg.
  • V-Sits - Sit on the floor with your legs out in front of the body. Lift the legs to a 45 degree angle. At the same time, reach the arms toward the feet. The body will resemble a V shape.

Other more common core exercises are push-ups, lunges and back extensions. Engage in these movements frequently to ensure a strong core.

Body-Solid Core Essentials Package Workout guide and Instructional DVD containing over 70 exercises grouped by equipment. Also included on the DVD is a recommended exercise routine using the included equipment. Below are a sample of the exercise instruction included with the Core Essentials Package.


Body-Solid Core Essentials Package  Body-Solid Tools Exercise Balls can be used to perform a variety of balance, core training, strength, flexibility and rehabilitation exercises that target the abdominal, hips, glutes, back and upper body. The benefits are endless. Increase your range of motion, strength and endurance. You can also take your stretching regime to the next level. 
  • Durable, anti-burst construction.
  • Suitable for light commercial and home use.
  • Includes hand pump
Body-Solid Core Essentials Package  The Body-Solid Tools Ab Wheel is the perfect tool to strengthen and tone your abs, shoulders, arms, and back. It features 2 wheels for added stability and comfortable plastic grips. It is so effective because it forces you to isolate the stomach and oblique muscles while you work out. This enables you to effectively develop and strengthen the stomach area. Simple, easy to use and compact. 
  • Tone & strengthen abdominal, arm and shoulder muscles.
  • Double wheel desing adds stability
  • Rubber handles provide comfortable and secure grip
  • Lightweight and portable
Body-Solid Core Essentials Package  Body-Solid Tools Resistance Tubes are an excellent apparatus for completing full body workouts in less time. A lightweight design and versatility makes Body-Solid Resistance Tubes the perfect choice for many applications including strength training and rehabilitation. Let’s go over a few of the best workouts to maximize your brand-new Resistance Tubes. 
  • Varying Levels of intensity
  • Work in multiple planes of motion
  • Lightweight and portable
Body-Solid Core Essentials Package  Body-Solid Push-Up Bars will dramatically increase your strength, rangeof- motion and turn an ordinary push-up into an explosive workout routine by using your bodyweight as resistance. Here are a few of the best workouts to perform with your new push-up bars as recommended by the fitness experts at Body-Solid.
Body-Solid Core Essentials Package  The Body-Solid Tools Yoga Mat provide a stable, non-slip surface for yoga, pilates, ground-based movements like push-ups and sit-ups as well as stretching. 
  • Soft, flexible and lightweight
  • Features a light-tack non-slip surface
  • Perfect for home and studio use
  • 72"x24"
Body-Solid Core Essentials Package  The Body-Solid Tools Speed Jump Rope is designed with frictionless rotation for extreme cardio workouts. Speed ropes are great for cardio workouts and help increase agility and coordination. 
  • Adjustable up to 9’ 6”
  • Sealed bearing pivot
  • Ergonomic handle
 Body-Solid Core Essentials Package  Body-Solid Tools Neoprene Dumbbells can be used on their own for a variety of lifting, curling, pressing and stretching exercises. They can also be incorporated into jogging, power-walking, aerobics, physical therapy and yoga routines. 
  • Bright, color-coordinated weight increments
  • Durable neoprene-coated finish.
  • No-roll hex-ends for easy stacking and storage.
  • Weight designations permanently stamped onto barbell ends

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