Aquabells Travel Weights-X Vest Weighted Vest-Adjustable Ankle Weights

X Vest How it Works 

The basic premise of the Xvest is very simple: training or exercising the body at a heavier weight than it is accustomed. With specific exercises or very broad conditioning exercises, you will find that your conditioning level will improve and your strength, power, and quickness will also improve. This is accomplished by "tricking" your body, brain and your muscles to believe that you have gained this extra weight but in actuality, you have not. When the Xvest is removed, your body will function and react as if the weight is still there; therefore, you have tricked your mind and muscles and will be capable of producing power, speed, quickness and endurance at levels that you might have never obtained.

The two-piece clamshell design of the Xvest is a feature based upon Orthopedic back braces that aid in the proper spinal alignment and support, which is non-existent in our competitors weight vests and is one of many features that makes the Xvest superior to the rest. We have taken two pieces and brought them together through shoulder strapping and lateral straps, which allows customizing the fit to your body and torso and proper placement of the weights, resulting in optimal center of gravity without restricting any type of range of motion. Only with proper alignment and fit can you attain a safe and effective workout that delivers results.

If you incorporate the Xvest into your plyometric, speed, agility, plyogility, conditioning routines or exercises, your gains and performance will be greatly improved. By over-loading your body while doing those exercises at an increased weight than you are accustom to, you are creating a new level of resistance and reprogramming your muscles fibers and your brain to work under this new level of resistance. Once the Xvest is removed, you are able to reap the benefits of that resistance that the brain and muscle fibers believe they are functioning at; therefore, vastly improving your overall endurance, quickness, vertical jump, strength and speed.