Boxing Equipment

Boxing Equipment

Boxing for fitness is a fun, easy to learn workout that will get you mentally and physically into the best shape of your life. The workout includes methods and techniques used by the world's best-conditioned athletes: "professional boxers". Training involves the use of shadow boxing, jump rope, focus mitts and many other boxing techniques. The benefits are speed, upper and lower body strength, footwork and coordination, various punching techniques, cardiovascular endurance and stamina.

Boxing is a sport with extremely high demands on complete fitness, and the very intense training of boxers for conditioning (70% aerobic, 30% anaerobic) is geared to obtain optimum cardio-vascular fitness, as well as strength and flexibility, among others.

Each beginner starts one-on-one with a trainer or is put in a small group of beginners to learn basic techniques and routines. Once the novice student understands the basics of the program they are able to join the class - typically the first night of training. Beginners soon notice a drastic reduction of body fat and improved muscle tone from head to toe, more strength, stamina and energy.

If you are looking to break that fitness plateau and break out of your fitness routine, then try Boxing for Fitness - you'll love what it does for your body.

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