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FitnessZone® is the premier fitness superstore on the Internet for exercise mats and interlocking flooring. We carry a wide selection of top quality exercise equipment. The FitnessZone® superstore offers the largest selection of exercise mats and interlocking flooring for your fitness needs.

Workout facilities and gyms feature exercise mats to make exercising more comfortable, less fatiguing, and less punishing on your body. Most exercise mats you will find in most exercise areas are medium-duty mats of solid colors, and are 5/8 inches thick.

Depending on the manufacturer, these mats often come in many color choices. Usually this type of exercise mat is sized 2 feet by 2 feet and has an interlocking design. Most exercise mats like this come in three designs: corner, border, and inside. There is no need for adhesive on the bottom, because the foam mat will grip the tile or wood floor underneath.

If you are doing more intense exercise than aerobics or Pilates, you will need heavy-duty foam mats. A thickness of at least 7/8 of an inch is needed for high-intensity exercise, especially if it involves physical contact like boxing, wrestling, or martial arts. Some of these thicker foam mats are actually double-sided with two colors. They also can interlock, and feature many benefits of EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam, such as being water- and odor-proof. They are so durable, they can even hold up to shoes and boots.

Whatever your exercise needs, you'll find that mats will make your workout better.

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