Life Fitness Recumbent Bikes

Life Fitness created the world’s best to those that take physical training extremely seriously, especially these days when machines need to be and do more to stand up to 21st century expectations and modernizing exercise science. The innovation coming from Life Fitness has solidified it as the premier brand that gyms trust all over the globe.

Life Fitness began over 40 years ago with an idea, and a vision - Create a different kind of fitness equipment. Something that will engage and inspire exercisers to do more, to push themselves further.Out of this vision was born the world’s first electronic piece of fitness equipment, the LifeCycle Exercise Bike. Life Fitness Recumbent LifeCycles® include R1, R3, and Club Series Recumbent LifeCycles®.

At the end of the day Life Fitness products from recumbent bikes to upright elliptical trainers, stair masters, and treadmills are considered #1 in health and fitness clubs across the globe! The Life Fitness Recumbent Lifecycle Exercise Bikes is about elevated results, ergonomic comfort, proper biomechanics, and technological accoutrements.

Here are some of the features that make this such an ideal product for the commercial gym and at home environment and with those people just entering the fitness world.

Life Fitness Platinum Recumbent Bike w/15" Engage ConsolePlatinum Club Series

Exceptional Platinum Club Features

Imagine feeling relaxed in a specially crafted Comfort Curve seat, and avoiding lower back pain through deluxe back support. All 26 levels of resistance are controlled at the fingertips on the sidebars, which means instant adjustment, and even more customizable exercise. 

For those that incorporate the Engage recumbent bike into their home-gym, it comes with exceptional virtual trainer options that make it possible to upload results onto the net, receive recommended workouts based on progress, and track performance over an extended period of time. 

Finally, in terms of ergonomics, people can look forward to losing weight in style, and using proper form. In the past cardio equipment was archaic and led to overtraining injuries or downright boredom. Life Fitness LifeCycle Platinum Club Engage Recumbent Bike brings more than enough to the table to keep the central nervous system engaged, the mind thoroughly entertained, and the musculature sufficiently challenged. 

Come check out the Platinum Club difference, and take advantage of the mastery and elite conditioning available through Life Fitness.


21st Century Console Feedback

Tracking progress is about more than stepping on a scale, or losing pant sizes. It’s also about progressing into higher levels of training in terms of resistance level, time under tension, speed, distance, caloric output/metabolism, heart/cardiovascular conditioning, METs, and the mental game. 

Whether someone is just beginning and taking starting off with the more classic workouts, or jumping right into the more extreme and challenging programs, the interactive console streams all data in an easy to understand and follow manner, empowering the individual to surpass meager expectations.

The Platinum Series gives you three choices of consoles

Engage, Achieve and Inspire Console


15" Engage Console


Life Fitness Platinum Recumbent Bike w/7" Inspire Console

Achieve LED Console

Life Fitness Platinum Recumbent Bike w/7" Inspire Console

7" Inspire Console



The Platinum Club Experience

 The Platinum Series Recumbent Lifecycle Bike will provide you an experience that will take you to a new level of workout motivation. With a Step-through design, the most advanced technology, intuitive, user-centered design and an array of entertainment and training options the Platinum Club Series Recumbent Lifecycle bike revolutionizes the home fitness experience.


Life Fitness Lifecycle R Series


Experience the Life Fitness difference. The RS1 recumbent step-through Lifecycle® exercise bike harnesses the expertise that has made Lifecycle bikes #1 in health clubs worldwide. It features an open, step-through design for easy exit and entry and provides a comfortable, relaxed biking experience--the perfect introduction to the well-known and respected family of recumbent Lifecycle exercise bikes. The Track+ console connects to Android™ and Apple® devices and lets you access personalized workouts, real-time workout tracking, and your favorite third-party fitness apps. It has the tools that provide an engaging home workout experience that makes it easier to reach your workout goals.


The RS3 recumbent Lifecycle® exercise bike combines extreme comfort with ease of use. It provides the smooth, quiet ride and durability you'd expect from the #1 brand in health clubs worldwide. And it features an open, step-through design for easy entry and exit for exercisers of all fitness levels. The reclining seat with a breathable mesh fabric back delivers a comfortable ride. The Track+ Console connects to Android™ and Apple® devices and lets you access personalized workouts, real-time workout tracking, and your favorite third-party fitness apps. It has the tools that provide an engaging home workout experience that makes it easier to reach your workout goals.

Life Fitness RS1 Series with your choice of the Go Console or Track+ Console



Customization, workout tracking and entertainment keep users engaged and motivated

  • Android  and Apple connectivity

  • LFconnect and 3rd party app compatibility

  • iPhone/iPod docking station

  • Entertainment Rack

  • USB port

  • Track+ Console offers 14 pre-programmed workout programs, plus unlimited custom workouts through

  • 4 user profiles, 3 custom workouts per profile

  • Energy Saver

Life Fitness RS3 Series with your choice of the Go Console or Track+ Console



Essential programming to begin and maintain an effective fitness regimen

  • 13 workout programs
  • Wireless heart rate chest strap
  • 2 user profiles
  • 1 custom workout per user profile
  • Energy Saver mode 
  • Race Mode




The Fitness Console Club Series Style

Envision the traditional exercise machine, and then realize that Life Fitness always goes above and beyond the norms which haven’t been sufficient to keep obesity and its related diseases at bay for the brunt of the industrialized population.

  • There are a total of 34 unique seat positions to choose from rather than the standard maybe 10 or so. This means that people have far more customization options and the ability to micromanage their posture to accentuate and intensify workouts.
  • The Club Series recumbent bike also comes with iPod and iPhone compatibility so that getting online, hooking into special playlists, and taking advantage of 21st century perks is easier than ever while getting in some quality exercise. 
  • Front and side-mounted handlebars add layers of variability, while the high back pad and contoured seat prepare the perfect environment for a taxing ride.
  • Like most Life Fitness products, the Club Series recumbent bike is self-powered, and this translates into many more location options without the hassle of wires, cords, or elevated energy bills.







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