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Experience a smooth, stable, comfortable ride at home. Whether you choose an upright or recumbent bike, thoughtfully engineered designs by Matrix Fitness set a new standard for pedal-powered workouts.

FitnessZone® is the premier fitness superstore on the Internet for recumbent bikes. We carry a wide selection of top quality and reliable home recumbent bikes or commercial recumbent bikes. The FitnessZone® superstore offers the largest selection of self-powered, plug-in, walk through, wireless heart rate monitoring, and programmable recumbent bikes at the best prices on the Internet. Recumbent bikes are basically a stationary bike with a back supported seat. This back seat design makes the exercise bike a more comfortable experience while you are exercising. We offer such a huge selection of recumbent bikes at the best prices so you don’t have to waste time searching for a lower price.

Experience Unmatched Console Technology with our three Consoles to choose from XR, XER, AND XIR




Matrix R30 Recumbent Bike with XR Console
Matrix R30 Recumbent Bike with XR Console  
 Matrix R30 Recumbent Bike with XR Console  




Lean back and enjoy the ride on the Matrix R30 Recumbent Bike that combines stability and versatility while distributing weight for maximum comfort and support. The convenient step-through design of the R30 features our exclusive Dual Form Frame and Comfort Arc Seat. The consoleS includes a stunning HD display and an intuitive home screen that offers easy access to entertainment. Includes expanded Bluetooth connectivity to user devices.

Matrix R30 Recumbent Bike with XIR Console


The new Matrix R30 recumbent bike is a joint-friendly exercise bike for home use. Its recumbent frame has an easy-to-access “step-through” design, and the rider reclines into a comfortable high-backed bike seat. The R30 bike frame can be paired with various consoles, giving shoppers the options of streamlined electronics or training with extra workout programs, on-board social media apps, speakers and more.

The Matrix R30 has a footprint of about 63″ x 26″. The bike weighs 155 pounds and has a 350-pound user weight capacity. Its impressive standard warranty includes lifetime frame protection, five years on the console and parts, and two years of labor

  • High Quality Frame: The Matrix R30 has a 155 pound (70 kg) steel frame that’s under lifetime warranty. Compact for a recumbent bike, it takes just 63″ x 25.6″ of floor space and is 48.4″ high. A step-through design (no bike bar in the way) makes Matrix recumbent bikes especially easy to mount/dismount.
  • Magnetic Braking: The Matrix R30 features magnetic braking, which is the most common type used on high-end home exercise bikes. Compared with contact braking it’s much quieter and more durable. With the R30 a trainee can choose from 20 resistance levels and easily make digital adjustments. For comparison the Matrix R50 has an even more advanced induction brake system with 30 settings.
  • Heart Rate Monitors: Matrix recumbent bikes support heart rate monitoring with two systems. Grip pulse sensors are built into the handlebars, and all three residential bike consoles have wireless receivers.
  • Mesh Seat: A Comfort Arc Seat with mesh back provides lumbar support with good airflow. This bike seat is better than what we see from other brands, plus it’s interchangeable with other seating for customization.
  • Interchangeable Pedals: Pedals on Matrix recumbent bikes have straps for security and are self-balancing for easier access. They can be replaced with standard bike pedals.




The R50 leads the Matrix recumbent bike series for home gyms. The users can relax into its oversized high-backed seat, but they can take exercise seriously with the precision of Exact Force™ induction braking. The Matrix R50 has 30 resistance settings and is compatible with three Passport-ready consoles.

Recumbent bike shoppers have an exciting new option from Matrix Fitness: The Matrix is best known for commercial and home fitness equipment. The R50 is not only the Matrix's best recumbent bike, but also stands apart from Matrix’s competitors. The R50 is the first recumbent exercise bike to use induction braking, which is especially smooth, responsive and precise compared with the market’s other options. This high-end bike also features a deluxe high-backed seat, customized electronics, and a compact frame compared with other recumbent bikes. An excellent end-to-end warranty package helps buyers choose this new ride with confidence.

  • Water Bottle Holder: Each Matrix bike console has a water bottle holder.
  • High Capacity: Matrix recumbent exercise bikes have 350 pound (159 kg) weight capacities.
  • Compact: A big selling point for the R50 is its small size. This recumbent bike measures just 63″ long x 25.6″ wide x 48.4″ high (160 x 65 x 123 cm).
  • High Quality Frame: The Matrix R50 has a nearly 175 pound (80 kg) frame under lifetime warranty. The frame is especially designed for easy access and stability. Compact for a recumbent bike frame, it takes just 63″ x 26″ of floor space.
  • Induction Braking: The Matrix R50 features induction braking for ultra-smooth and quiet transitioning among resistance levels. Compared with the majority of other high quality recumbent exercise bikes, which use magnetic braking instead, the R50 responds even more quickly to the user’s commands. Trainees get 30 resistance levels rather than the usual 20, so training is more tailored as well.
  • Mesh Seat: A high-backed seat is a key to the comfort of a recumbent cycle. The mesh design of the R50 bike seat allows for airflow along with lumbar support. The bike seat is oversized for comfort, but it is interchangeable with other seats as well.
  • Interchangeable Pedals: Pedals on Matrix bikes are self-balancing, which makes for easier mounts and dismounts. They can be replaced with standard bike pedals if desired.
  • Heart Rate Monitors: Matrix recumbent bikes support both contact and wireless heart rate monitoring. Contact pulse sensors are built into the R50 handlebars, and all three consoles have wireless receivers.

Matrix R50 Recumbent Bike with XIR Console


Let the FitnessZone® sales staff help you navigate through the various models of recumbent bikes. Our expertly trained staff can assist you in selecting the upright bike that will custom fit your needs as well as your budget! Call us ANYTIME at 1-800-875-9145.


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